February 13, 2023

As the church is planning to gather for the spring retreat scheduled for this March of 2023, I have been aware that the Spirit desires this inspiration from God to be passed on to the church. The church is approaching opportunities to increase in its spiritual connection to God. This connection is a prelude to the endowments that can and must be present now and for the great endowment that is to come. The following is what has been sensed and given to me in the recent weeks:

1a. Verily, thus saith the Lord to the priesthood of my church. Each of you has worked hard in your ministry to my church. However, the time is at hand when you need to increase your spiritual sensitivity. Many times, your ministry is focused more upon the administrative work of my church and not that of the spiritual connection you need with me in order to be the priesthood called to minister to the flock. This has taken away that required adherence with me you need to be a stronger influence upon the church and the world.
b. The administrative work and the teaching ministries are important in my eyes but should not be more important than having my Spirit flow through you. Some have lost the quest for, or the realization, that you are to be the spiritual power, the spiritual guides, and my authoritative representatives to my people.
c. You need to have a stronger faith upon which to depend. This is a part of being an endowed priesthood.
d. Look at the example of my life which was revealed during my earthly ministry. Also, examine the evidence of how my relationship to the Father assisted me as I ministered to the people who were both with me and against me. Examine, in the written words that are given you, how to listen and respond to the Father’s voice through the Spirit, and see how to act with confidence and assurance.
e. Again, I counsel you to work and study to be endowed. Meditate upon my words and listen with your heart to hear how I may guide you in your ministry. This will aid you in the oneness you desire and need. You must depend upon me.
f. The power of God needs to be manifested through my servants in these turbulent times. Many people are not responding because they do not see me in you. I am in your midst, for I am in you as you respond to the Spirit that guides you if you will allow it to. Be not afraid.
g. I ask you again to remove all distractions and focus on what is important and needed as you minister to those around you.
h. There are many in the world who possess the skills to prepare the details of a church. There are far fewer who have responded or are responding to the relationship with the Spirit that can be my true representatives to the world. You need to be more than they as you minister to the world in the coming days. You will be called upon to heal the wounds of the people, to bring their minds back to my ways, and to heal relationships. Be assuring in the love and in the gospel. Be responsive to my Spirit, and it will guide you.
i. Again, the need is for a stronger connection between heaven and earth. You, my priesthood are a vital part of that connection when you strive to strengthen those relationships. Work to increase what is being done to restore the ministry of God on earth, for it is vital in today’s world. The Kingdom of God awaits your response.

2a. To the ladies of the church, both young and old; Know that you are also vital to the work of the church. Your insights and ministry uplift and inspire all who come in contact with the church. You are an example to the world as to how God’s creation should be. You provide an example of how living in the ways and teachings of God strengthen the families. God has given his creation the pattern that leads to a relationship with God; a pattern that leads to a stronger relationship with him.
b. Let the Spirit continue to uplift you and guide you, for in this example, the Kingdom is revealed. When you minister to your companions and minister to your youth, and the youth of the church, your love and nature minister to them. This ministry is crucial. The church and the world need to see the great love and compassion you possess. This is one of the many gifts God has given you. When these gifts are not present, the world suffers, and some are lost to the temptations of Satan.
c. Be strong. Be loving. Be responsive to the Spirit. In this, you too will heal the wounds and relationships that are around you. This is an endowment, when this love and ministry is poured out to the church and to the world.

3a. Over many months, the Spirit has prompted many to have a testimony that Richard Paris II, should be called to serve in the Quorum of Twelve. Those testimonies have been considered by the First Presidency, The Presiding Bishop, and the President of the Quorum of Twelve. Through these testimonies and the confirming burning in the souls of these men, the Spirit has confirmed this call to this apostolic missionary ministry.
b. Brother Paris has exemplified a missionary desire as he has reached out to many and brought them to share in the work of the church. He may continue to work in the southern Indiana area, calling whoever will respond to the message of Jesus Christ, and ministering to the branch in that area as needed.
c. Over many years, he has served diligently in the bishopric. From this responsibility he is to be released. His ministry there will be greatly missed. And, because of his profession in finance, he will yet be called on to give counsel to the bishopric when needed.

Respectfully submitted,

Terry W. Patience
President of the Church
Independence, Missouri, March 25, 2023


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