Presented at the closing prayer/dedication service for the church reunion held at Three Trails Retreat Center. Brother Patience was seated with the priesthood in the row behind the pulpit. He was invited to attend as a part of the worship service. He indicated that he had prayed the night before regarding any message that might come from the Lord before or during the service. He said that he was wakened in the middle of the night and given this message:

1a. Thus saith the Spirit. The Lord’s heart has been delighted as He watched you walk and talk with each other over the last few days. You have reached out in love to one another and shared in this experience which patterns the kingdom. Kingdom people are those who are full of charity and compassion for those who are around them.

b. Also, the Lord has seen your compassion for those who are outside my church and those who have chosen to walk outside my counsels.

c. As you continue to strive to be the Lord’s people, He will continue to bless you.

2a. Continue to seek quiet moments with your Savior. Nurture that relationship which you have with the Spirit and with me.

b. Continue to strive to have more time with the Father. By doing so, you will sense His great love for you. As you do so, you will desire more, and God will give you more strength to endure.

3. I am aware that there are many who are struggling with various aspects of their lives. Know that I am aware and watching over you. This life is brief. Eternal life is forever.

4. I remind you again to breathe. Put your trust and faith in me. Cling to that which you know is right and true. Be steadfast. Be honest with yourself. Repent and move forward.

Respectfully submitted,

President of the Church

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