This message was given to me during the afternoon before the assembly and read during the Solemn Assembly, October 22, 2023. I was concerned about whether there would be any guidance given to the church for the assembly. While reviewing the order of worship, I was given these words. I sensed that God was giving the message to the church, but not as an audible voice. It was the Spirit softly filling my mind with the words to write. I began to write and continued to write until I sensed that the message was complete.

The purpose of the assembly was to consider and pray for the sins of the church as a body, and what it needs to do to move forward.

1a. Thus saith the Spirit: The enemy is all about you. But fear not for I have known throughout the vastness of time that these days would come. I have given unto you the gifts you need to endure if you trust me and have a relationship with me.

b. One of the gifts I have given you is the brothers and sisters that are around you in the church. Each one has gifts. Combined together, those gifts will keep the church alive. Therefore, cherish each other. Seek for a deeper brotherly and sisterly love. Work on your charity towards one another. Forgive each other as I forgive you. Consider how this level of charity and brotherly love might be in the kingdom on earth and the kingdom to come and copy that pattern today. I desire to come but wait for this condition to be strong within my church. You are my church.

c. Also, work to have the same charity that you strive for within the church to be the charity and love you have for all my children. The world is hungry for that level of love and forgiveness that you have for one another, even though they may not realize what they need. This ministry of love is why

the marvelous work has been restored. This is the service I bring through you to the world.

d. I know this seems to be an overwhelming task, but I will continue to support you as you continue to call upon me and have faith in me.

2. Be forgiving toward yourself. My Son died on the cross for you, just as He died on the cross for all. Place your fears in my hands. Seek me out. Trust in me. I will not fail you.

3. Let the Holy Ghost that has been given you, guide you and prompt you. To accomplish this, one must quiet the noise that may be in you and around you, which is the attempt by the adversary to distract you from the mighty change all men must make within them as they work to serve others for my kingdom. The power to do this comes from me through the Holy Spirit. Work to commune with the Spirit. The Spirit communes with my Son and with me, for we are one. Through that Spirit, you can become one with me.

4. I am the creator of all things, which includes all my children. I have created a universe for you, salvation for you, the church for you, that all may have life and fulfillment in me. Nowhere else can this fulfillment be found except in me.

b. Pray, pray, pray with all your hearts. Repent. Acknowledge. Respond. Trust.

c. Nothing upon the earth or in the heavens can surpass my power and love. For I am the creator. I create with a purpose. I create with my children in mind that they may desire and have eternal life.

5. I call upon the Aaronic priesthood to step up your ministry in the homes of the saints, for when this ministry is strong, my church is strong.

6a. I call upon the Melchisedec priesthood to step up your ministry to the church as a body. Encourage the church to worship together, and in that, work on a deeper worship toward me.

b. Work on spreading my love and message to those who will listen and respond. Do not be discouraged by those who do not respond, for their hearts are not ready. Continue to plant the seeds of love. Even if they do not respond during their mortality, they will remember when they meet my Son face to face. The lives of all men and women will continue beyond mortality, even though their reward may not be as great as I would desire.

7. I continue to call on all men, women, and children, to read, study, and obey. These tasks are the oil in your lamps and are a light to those still in darkness.

8. Remember, I love you and love in ways you cannot fully understand, but you will, whether that is within time as you know it, or when time has come to an end.

Respectfully submitted,

President of the Church

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