Revelation given through rough Joseph Smith, Jr., November 1831, at Hiram, Ohio. The compilation of the revelations to comprise the “Book of Commandments” was authorized at one of the four special conferences held in Hiram during the first half of November 1831. It was decided that Oliver Cowdery and John Whitmer should carry the revelations to Independence, Missouri, where they would be printed by W. W. Phelps and Company. This instruction was sought and received in connection with the mission of these brethren.

1a Hearken unto me, saith the Lord your God, for my servant Oliver Cowdery’s sake: it is not wisdom in me that he should be intrusted with the commandments and the moneys which he shall carry unto the land of Zion, except one go with him who will be true and faithful; wherefore I, the Lord, will that my servant John Whitmer should go with my servant Oliver Cowdery;
1b and also that he shall continue in writing and making a history of all the important things which he shall observe and know concerning my church; and also that he receive counsel and assistance from my servant Oliver Cowdery, and others.

2a And also my servants who are abroad in the earth should send forth the accounts of their stewardships to the land of Zion, for the land of Zion shall be a seat and a place to receive and do all these things;
2b nevertheless, let my servant John Whitmer travel many times from place to place, and from church to church, that he may the more easily obtain knowledge–preaching and expounding, writing, copying, selecting, and obtaining all things which shall be for the good of the church, and for the rising generations, that shall grow up on the land of Zion, to possess it from generation to generation, for ever and ever. Amen.

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