Chad Buttery

My name is Chad Buttery and I am from Blackgum, Oklahoma, a small community that consists of mostly family and friends. It was there that my parents raised my three brothers and me, although we were brought up in the RLDS church, I did not have my conversion experience until I was sixteen. It was then that I was given a very strong, abiding testimony of the Book of Mormon and the Lord’s church. Ever since, I have had a deep desire to serve the Lord in whatever capacity he sees fit, even though often times I feel inadequate.

In late 1999, I learned of the movement of the Remnant Church. I began to investigate immediately with prayer and study. I was quickly given the understanding and testimony that this is God’s church restored in this last day and that it has come to pass according to His divine will and plan, even as He said it would be. I understood that it followed the same pattern of the RLDS church. I had faith that God would once again provide a prophet, seer and revelator from the seed of Joseph, to give direction and to lead His people in the building up and establishment of the cause of the kingdom of God on earth, even Zion. We now see His word being fulfilled as His prophet has come and the signs are now upon us that cry out the very nearness of the return of Jesus.

In December of 2000, I was called to serve in the office of Deacon in that little Blackgum congregation. The following year as my faith increased and my ministry grew, the Lord asked me to serve as an Aaronic Priest. I have never known any greater joy than that of being in his service and in the service of his people, wherever they may be.

In February of 2003, I was blessed once again when I was introduced to Cristin, the woman I now share my life with and whom I call my companion. Without hesitation I followed her to Independence, Missouri, and continued my ministry at First Congregation. We have three beautiful children, Savannah, Chase and Stella. Since that time I have served in the ministry as an Elder and now serve as one of God’s missionaries as a Seventy, called to go into all the world. I travel where there may be need or where I am directed and able.

When I was a young teenager, all I thought I wanted to do in this life was to travel, meet new people, make money and see the world. In my days of service, especially now more than ever, I have learned God does have a way of giving us exactly what we want, except it usually comes in a package of far greater worth than we could have ever imagined, for it benefits His purpose and His will, not just our own. I thank Him for that.