As the General Conference of April 2008 approached, it became apparent that several issues facing the Church needed to be addressed. It was with this concern and in my official capacity, as well as in personal meditation and prayer, that I have sought divine wisdom and guidance for the Church. As a result, the following is presented to the Quorums, Councils, Orders of the Church and the General Conference, for consideration as the voice of inspiration and the mind and will of God:

1 a. At his request, V. Lee Killpack is released from the burden of presiding over the Quorum of Twelve Apostles and is honorably released from that Quorum to continue his priesthood ministry as a High Priest. This has resulted in a vacancy that needs to be filled to bring that Quorum to a majority.
b. Elder Donald W. Burnett is called from the Seventy to be ordained to the High Priesthood and set apart as an especial witness and Apostle in the Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. His strong witness of the Lord Jesus Christ and enthusiasm for the work, qualify him well for the apostolic ministry.
c. Regarding the Quorum of Twelve, let Ralph W. Damon be called and set apart as President of that Quorum. His vibrant testimony and administrative skills qualify him to preside over the Traveling High Council.

2 Those set apart to be Apostles and Seventy in the Church are men of strong convictions and beliefs, at times leading to conflict over prerogatives and jurisdiction within their separate roles in carrying out the missionary work of the Church. This should not be. Sufficient provision is given in the law and administrative procedures to allow for complete working harmony. These brethren should honor their respective roles in the missionary work and remember that they serve only the Lord Jesus Christ, and not men. They should meet together often, in humility and meekness, continually updating their field assignments, thus meeting the needs of a growing Church. In so doing, their offices will be magnified, souls brought unto Christ and the Church blessed.

The Spirit says further to the Seventy;

3 It is my desire to complete the organization of the Remnant Church by providing for Quorums of Seventy. Be patient, my brethren, for in due time this will come to pass, and both the Seventy and the Church will be further blessed in this manner.

4 I, the Lord, am well pleased with the Presiding Bishopric and the Order of Bishops in the execution of the Temporal Law of the Church. Counsel given in previous revelation, including Sections 128, 129 and R-148 of the Doctrine and Covenants is sound law authorizing the Bishopric to implement the temporal affairs of the Church, including tithing, offerings, consecration and surplus. To that end, let the Bishopric with the Temporal Law and the First Presidency with the Spiritual Law come together under the Celestial Law, such consummation making the secular become sacred and culminating in the attainment of the Kingdom of God on earth.

5 How soon you, my Saints, have forgotten counsel given not so long ago regarding economic adversity, political unrest, decline in morality, and natural calamities. These things have now come to pass and are with you. Heed again this counsel and make the required preparation for the much tribulation to come in the days ahead.

6 The burden of the prophetic office and presidency of the Remnant Church has weighed heavily on my servant Frederick Larsen. He is not perfect, but he is my instrument to lead and guide the Church in these last days to build up the Kingdom on earth, even my Zion. If the Church will continue to uphold him in faith and prayer, I will lighten his burden in the days ahead.

7 a. Some voices have been raised concerning the law, organization and rules governing the Church. This has led to disharmony and confusion among the membership. This is a deterrent to the unfolding of my Zion. Let counsel given in previous revelations, including R-145 through R-151, be reviewed and clarified through joint sessions of the leading Quorums and Orders. This will give a unified vision and direction for the Church.
b. Remember, the time to prepare for my Zion is now, and I desire to come quickly.

Thus saith the Spirit.
Respectfully submitted, FREDERICK N. LARSEN

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