As the church works to move forward in its ministry to the people and in the outreach to the world, there are several calls to the priesthood of the church that need to be considered and acted upon. The Spirit is always working with those in charge of the church in various capacities to make calls manifest. It is with the guidance of the Spirit that the following calls are being presented.

1a. Austin R. Purvis is called to join in the outreach of the church by providing ministry in the Quorum of Twelve. The members of the quorum, having been prompted by the Spirit and after consideration, have shared their testimony of this call and have presented it to the President of the Church and to the First Presidency. The call to Apostle was considered, and the Spirit has confirmed this call.

b. Chad E. Buttery is also called, through the testimony of the Spirit to the Quorum of Twelve, to minister as a high priest and apostle in the Quorum of Twelve. The call was presented to the President of the Church and to the First Presidency. The call was considered, and the Spirit has confirmed the call.

c. Both of these men, who are younger in age, represent a new generation of apostles and can now learn the role they will play in the future of the church.

2. Ralph W. Damon has expressed a desire to be released from the Quorum of Twelve. He has worked diligently to bring ministry and order to the church in foreign lands. That ministry will be greatly missed. At this time, he should once again join the Order of Patriarchs. This call will allow him to minister more freely in the domestic areas of the church without the burden of the administration of the lands overseas.

3a. At this time in the life of the church, there is a need to strengthen the Order of Bishops as they strive to increase the ministry of the Aaronic Priesthood. To assist in that work, the following calls should be considered:

b. Joshua R. Turner is called to be a high priest and to join with the Order of Bishops. This call came to the president of the church while conversing with Bishop Romer, who was expressing that the order needed an increase in men to do the work. The Spirit whispered to the me that the time has now come for Joshua Turner to join in the ministry of the church in this capacity.

c. Thomas E. Noftzger is called to be a high priest and to join with the Order of Bishops. The Spirit presented the call to the president of the church while he was meditating before a worship service. He was considering what men might best serve in this ministry.

4a. Thus saith the Spirit unto those who listen to the Father’s, words, and those who are yet to heed them.

b. It has been said that your bodies are like unto bodies of clay, made by the creator of all things, for He has taken the dust of the earth and formed man in His image and made all that he needs to sustain mortality.

c. Each of you has been made with great care and with meticulous detail. Even the situations that surround you have been made and watched over, created to be a place for your abode. It is in this abode that you live and make choices which affect your mortality and your eternity. Take care in regard to your choices that they will be those that will help you to return to your Father.

d. Someday your mortality will end. If you have allowed me to guide you, you will join the Father in His Kingdom, which is more glorious than you can imagine. There you will find great joy. You may at times look back on your mortality and long for that which was, just as the Hebrews looked back on Egypt. But remember that your security must lie in the Father’s ways. It is only there that eternal happiness will be found.

e. Remember that God’s love is greater than all else, even your sins.

f. The Father is in every detail of your lives. Your relationship with Him will help you see this love and to see the concern He has for you. It is this love that forms the clay you are made of. Continue to allow the Father to shape your life, not only as individuals, but also as brothers and sisters in the church.

g. I have shown you the gifts of charity and forgiveness, cling to them. As you do, you will be in the potter’s hands.

h. I have counseled you to breathe. This is a means by which you should give your concerns to me. This surrendering to the Father brings about security in Him. It helps all who do, to see beyond the chaos, even to see beyond the problems around you, and to assist you to see into your future, a future in my kingdom, not only for you but for all mankind.

i. Remember, remember, that this life is but for a short period of time. As you break forth into my kingdom you will better understand the mysteries of the kingdom.

j. To breathe is to have faith. To breathe is to trust in a power which is yet beyond your comprehension. In the kingdom, you will see more clearly. If you will walk in righteousness, in charity, in forgiveness, in love, and by the gifts of the Spirit all will become clearer.

Respectfully Submitted,

President of the Church


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