Aaronic Priesthood Assembly

Aaronic Priesthood Assembly February 23-25, 2018

By Teacher Donald L. Evans

Remnant Record 2018 – Volume 1

The focus of the 2018 Aaronic Priesthood Assembly was to train the priesthood for the home visiting ministry program. Many of the priesthood had not yet had the opportunity to serve in a home visit. So, a major event was included: the planning and performing of an actual visit by each Aaronic priesthood man present.

The training during the assembly was geared toward what to do during a visit, how to set up a visit, and the resources that are available for a visit. Three classes were provided covering the following subjects:

Class 1
“Home Visiting 101” – A home visit guide

Class 2
“Family Altars” – Family living habits

Class 3
“Challenges of a Visit” – Bereavement, communication difficulty

At the conclusion of these classes, President Fred Larsen spoke to the gathering.

Each member of the Aaronic priesthood was then partnered with another to go out and provide the ministry of a home visit. The less experienced member of each team was to lead in the visit. It was agreed by all who participated that they were ministered to much more than they had anticipated. What a positive outcome!

The Spirit was felt very strongly by all over the entire weekend. Our prayer is that the home visiting ministry program will set a fire in both the members of the church, and the priesthood.

May we follow God’s will, and may God bless our

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