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Latter Day Saints History

June 17, 2015

LATTER DAY SAINTS MUST REMEMBER THEIR HISTORY By Henry H. Goldman, Remnant Church Historian             Within the Judeao-Christian World, only three major religious organizations are tied to their histories: Jews, Catholics, and in particular, Latter Day Saints (of all persuasions and beliefs). We are holders of this point of view. The Saints hold a very…

Conspicuous Consumption: Thorstein Veblen in the 21st Century

August 20, 2014

CONSPICUOUS CONSUMPTION: THORSTEIN VEBLEN IN THE 21ST CENTURY by Henry H. Goldman, Remnant Church Historian “…and…in private…expenditure, carry into active exercise the principle of sacrifice and repression of unnecessary wants…” (D & C 130:7d, April 14, 1913) Recently, The Kansas City Star published a lengthy article about a local and popular radio host who also writes…

Righteousness Exalteth a Nation

August 20, 2014

Righteousness Exalteth a Nation By Amos Berve (Reprinted from “The Saints’ Herald,” August 20, 1938) Editor’s Note: with the seemingly constant discussion and/or argument over the recent years whether or not the United States is any longer a Christian nation, and at the urging of recent counsel given to the Remnant Church through revelation regarding…