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The Remnant Church Begins Work on Holy Sanctuary

October 3, 2022

Holy Sanctuary Being Built by the Remnant Church | Independence, MO In the Historic District of downtown Independence, Missouri, exciting transformations are beginning to take place. The Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at 700 W. Lexington Avenue has begun renovations of an indoor sanctuary. The sanctuary used to be the worship…

Latter Day Saints History

June 17, 2015

LATTER DAY SAINTS MUST REMEMBER THEIR HISTORY By Henry H. Goldman, Remnant Church Historian             Within the Judeao-Christian World, only three major religious organizations are tied to their histories: Jews, Catholics, and in particular, Latter Day Saints (of all persuasions and beliefs). We are holders of this point of view. The Saints hold a very…

Conspicuous Consumption: Thorstein Veblen in the 21st Century

August 20, 2014

CONSPICUOUS CONSUMPTION: THORSTEIN VEBLEN IN THE 21ST CENTURY by Henry H. Goldman, Remnant Church Historian “…and…in private…expenditure, carry into active exercise the principle of sacrifice and repression of unnecessary wants…” (D & C 130:7d, April 14, 1913) Recently, The Kansas City Star published a lengthy article about a local and popular radio host who also writes…

Righteousness Exalteth a Nation

August 20, 2014

Righteousness Exalteth a Nation By Amos Berve (Reprinted from “The Saints’ Herald,” August 20, 1938) Editor’s Note: with the seemingly constant discussion and/or argument over the recent years whether or not the United States is any longer a Christian nation, and at the urging of recent counsel given to the Remnant Church through revelation regarding…