Holy Sanctuary Dedicatory Prayer

Holy Sanctuary Dedicatory Prayer | March 26, 2023 | Independence, MO

Dedicatory Prayer for the Holy Sanctuary.

To be given on March 26, 2023


Heavenly Father, the God of the universe, the God of the prophets of old and down through the ages, we ask thee this morning to give ear to the words of this prayer which we present unto thee, Oh God the Eternal Father.

We ask thee this morning to accept our dedication of this Holy Sanctuary and of the people who will use it. You have told us that we are to prepare a space funded by our surplus, where we can attend to the deeper functions of worship and of priesthood, and to develop a higher spiritual relationship with the Lord.  To prepare a space where we might study and grow in the ministries that you have called us to do, that we might be able to go out into the world better equipped for the work you have called us to do.


In thee we put our trust. It is you that we praise with all our beings.


We dedicate this Holy Sanctuary as a place where we anticipate that we will be directed by the Holy Spirit. We anticipate that it will be a place where we may sit with the Lord and be taught, where we may grow closer to thee in worship and in relationship, that we may be worthy to be in thy presence and to be worthy to be your servants. We ask that you show us mercy that what is done here, will be acceptable unto thee.  We do not come here as a perfect people, but as a people of hope that by coming here often, we may grow into the people you want us to become.


We ask that you forgive our sins and that we would receive strength from you that we would not turn again to ungodly ways.


Thus, we come in this Solemn Assembly, to ask, oh Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, to accept this space and accept us.


Help us to use this space to aid in our salvation as we continue to seek thee out and as you continue to work with us unto perfection. Help us to seek out wisdom and to desire a stronger faith. Help us that as we come and go from this place, that we will be a better people. If we fail to be what you want us to be, may you sternly call us to repentance that we may be worthy to be in your midst.


We consider that you have placed us in these later days, to help bring about your great work, that of the building of Zion in this New Jerusalem. May we be found worthy of this work.


We ask thee to bring about the endowment needed for this great work and that this Holy Sanctuary will be used to prepare us, to bring about greater understandings, to in crease our knowledge, to increase our faith, to open our mouths that the world may hear your call, the call of the gospel.


We ask that those who have spoken against us will have their hearts softened, that they may join us in your work.


We ask that you guide the leaders of this nation and the leaders of this state that our freedoms may be preserved, that we may be able to continue to worship and serve thee from this Holy Sanctuary.


Help us, oh God, to see clearly the steps we need to take as we build your Zion in this your New Jerusalem.  We ask that you will continue to guide and direct the leadership of the church, that the church will continue to move as you would have it to do. Please continue to guide the body of this church, to bless them, and to keep us holy, to guard the health of it that we may fulfill your calling. Help us to be teachable.

Prepare us to receive the church of the first born as it returns. May we be able to minister to all people when you come in your full glory.


Clothe us with the robes of righteousness.


Again, we ask thee to accept this Holy Sanctuary for all the purposes you have ordained it to be. May we feel of your presence when we come here. May we know that we are in your midst. And if it be your will that we might be blessed by your presence face to face, allow us to be comfortable in your love and mercy.


Oh hear, oh hear, oh hear us O Lamb of God as we petition you this day. Amen, Amen, and Amen.


Terry Patience
Prophet & President
The Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


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