The Remnant Church Begins Work on Holy Sanctuary

Holy Sanctuary Being Built by the Remnant Church | Independence, MO

In the Historic District of downtown Independence, Missouri, exciting transformations are beginning to take place. The Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at 700 W. Lexington Avenue has begun renovations of an indoor sanctuary. The sanctuary used to be the worship setting for Center Congregation at 700 W. Maple, but is being redesigned for an enhanced worship setting and is called “The Holy Sanctuary.”

The Remnant Church Headquarters in Historic District Independence, MO. Church Seal 1830 Joseph Smith - Church History - Zionic Endeavors - Center Place - RLDS

Holy Sanctuary Construction – The Remnant Church Headquarters in Historic District Independence, MO.

At the Remnant Church 2022 April General Conference, a sacrificial offering was taken so construction could begin on the Holy Sanctuary to occupy the former Center Congregation space.

Our initial goal was to raise $60,000 to begin the project. Praise God for giving direction to our prophet and bringing direction to His people to a new level of preparing for Christ’s return. The first offering taken at Conference exceeded our goal and we were able to begin construction a few weeks later.


Many workdays have taken place and much progress has been made on the space. Carpet, chairs and existing cabnitery have been removed. Painting and surface prep has begun. We appreciate the efforts of our volunteers — both in time and talent. Continue to uphold the construction of the Holy Sanctuary in your prayers. 

I say again that a focus which is on a higher spiritual level of relationship with me is necessary as my church prepares for what is to come. Remember the covenants. Remember to be sacrificial. The holy sanctuary and the activities therein are necessary to uplift and prepare the people of the New Jerusalem. I am pleased with the work done by the leadership of the church regarding the design of the holy sanctuary, for it will aid in the focus of the church as the church moves forward. I am pleased with the members of the Center Congregation as they have seen the benefit of giving up their sanctuary for the blessings that will come.” – Doctrine & Covenants 170:1c-e