Canadian Conference

Canadian Conference

By Apostle Donald W. Burnett

The Remnant Record 2018 – Volume 1

Every November, we host a Canadian Conference at Teen Ranch in Caledon, Ontario, Canada. Teen Ranch is a Christian based camp for teenagers. Each year we use this facility to house and feed us as we come together for worship and classes and to conduct the annual business of the Canadian saints.

The grounds are very beautiful with rolling hills and tall pine trees, and of course, the large maple trees that give Canada their national symbol, the maple leaf. The buildings we stay in have dorm type rooms with the women on one side and the men on the other, along with a large meeting room for classes and worship services.

This year, Elder Alex Vun Cannon brought us his class, “The Church of The First Born.” Brother Vun Cannon’s class is filled with information on the history of Christ’s church from Adam to the modern day. A few questions were posed, and after some studying we found the answers in the three standard books of scripture. He has put forth a lot of study and effort to develop timelines and graphics, which bring to life the scriptural history of the church.

In the afternoon, some of the group enjoyed going for a horseback ride. This is just one of the ways that Teen Ranch connects with their teenage campers. In the past, there has been a lot of fun with this activity, but this year we had only a few people brave enough to go, as the weather was cold and overcast with threatening rain. However, those who went had a great ride, and the weather actuallly cooperated with them and allowed them a fun time.

The food has always been very good, and this year was no exception. The facility serves you like you are at home, in that you get what they prepare for everyone and you eat it, or you can make a peanut butter sandwich. Surprisingly, no sandwiches were made by anyone!

After some discussion, it was agreed that we would plan for our next retreat to be tentively held August 10–12, 2019. We think this may be better for families with children, and, maybe we can have some more fun with outside activities. This should be a good opportunity for people from the north, or anywhere, to come together and fellowship with the saints as we worship our Lord.

Hope to see you there in August and be sure to bring your riding clothes!

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