Children’s Pages – Issue 66

Children’s Pages

By Cindy Patience

Pray Always

Have you ever been afraid to stand in church and offer a prayer? You are not alone. But there is a way to learn to pray so that someday it won’t be so hard to do, even at Church.

God taught us how to pray in what we call “The Lord’s Prayer” (Matthew 6: 10-15).” In His prayer, Jesus showed us how to honor and thank God, how to ask for forgiveness, and how to forgive others. He taught us to ask for our everyday needs, and how to pray for help so we can do what is right. He also taught us to accept and live His will and to look forward to His Kingdom.

You can thank God when you get up early and see a beautiful sunrise, or when you receive a warm hug from your parents. Even when things don’t always go the way you wish, you can always find reasons to thank God. You can ask for His help when you have a problem, don’t feel well, and if you are sad, afraid, or lonely. You can even share your happy thoughts with Him. He likes that!

One day, a child, much like you, was afraid to pray at Church. His mother told him to believe and to have faith and always try to remember that Jesus would be there praying with him. Not only that, but that Jesus would be there with the boy at all times and that he could talk with Him anywhere and at any time. His mother shared with him how difficult it was to learn to pray when she was a child. She wrote this poem to help him. Maybe it will help you too!

He Hears Me Everywhere

Sometimes in Church, a child like me is asked to stand and pray.

But when I try, I get confused and don’t know what to say.

Yet when I stand and watch the birds fly way up in the air,

I feel as if I could fly to God. There all my thoughts I’d share.


Many things upon my heart, to Him I would pour out,

I know that He would listen to all I talk about.

And when I watch a little frog, leap happily into a stream,

I want to leap into God’s arms, to share my favorite dreams.


His love is like the cleansing rain, and all my sins removed.

He forgives me when I am wrong, my life is much improved

Thus I know that I must too forgive as He has done,

And let His love shine through my life, just like the morning sun.


If I have questions and don’t know where to go,

I sit beneath God’s shady trees and pray until I know.

When I hear a babbling brook, sometimes God answers too.

Telling me He’s always near in everything I do.


He’s near me at my classroom desk, and when I toss a ball,

And when I add or spell or answer my teacher’s call.

When I fear, and I am sad, a comfort He will be.

And when I’m glad, He is there, to always smile with me.


Someday, I’ll learn to stand up before the church to pray.

‘Til then, I know, God hears my prayers each hour of each day.

It doesn’t matter where I am; He listens with great care,

Not only just at Church,

He hears me everywhere!




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