Daniel’s Testimony

Daniel’s Testimony

Jul/Aug/Sep 2016

As I left Minsk, Belarus, on the morning of April 22, 2016, Brother Daniel Gorshkov, one of our newest Saints, handed me an envelope and asked me not to read what was in it until I was on the airplane heading for Lagos, Nigeria. Sometime after takeoff on that early morning, I opened the envelope and found these two brief letters written by Brother Daniel. As I read them and remembered the great love this group of family members expressed to me and to each other in becoming members of the Remnant Church. I felt it only right that Daniel’s words and thoughts be shared with the Church at large. I trust you will find the depth of the Spirit encased in his words and phrases as he wrote them as much as I did – and do. RWD

Dear Ralph: Perhaps you can not imagine how important was your visit to our land. Many Saints are in a dead end; they feel that something needs to be more, but it was not, and did not happen. And your arrival was a light at the end of the tunnel. God opened the door for you through the greater work of these last days on this land and on this earth.

Now it is like a breath of air freshened, like a compass Saint who wants to move on. And I thank God that He sent you, grateful for my people. I know no one as far as it was not important to them. God bless you and your whole family with peace, purity, and salvation.

If this is our last meeting, I will always remember you and will always remember that I do not need more of the dollar (I had given Daniel a dollar bill so that he could come to America and spend it in Zion some day), and that God loves me.

Love, Daniel

Daniel’s Testimony:

As I now live, and how vividly in my mind is this portrayed, I am writing my testimony of my God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and bear witness that the Almighty is limitless, was from the beginning, and will always be, alive. I also bear witness of His Son, Jesus Christ, that He died and rose again, and was full of love and humility for every person who has ever lived, or ever will live. It is important that each soul understand that He cares for and cries for them.

I believe and know in the way of the Lord – which is the way to happiness. Straight and narrow is His path which does not undergo and tolerate deviations. God is eternal, ‘One’, and immutable. And I know that if you take unto yourselves the heart and soul of His living water, you will be filled with light and His Spirit and He will deliver on His great mercy toward that expression of human faith. Our Lord replaces a heart of stone into a heart of freshness and wrote His whole law to encourage us to come to Him.

God is great and inscrutable in all His ways, and His words are full of truth and knowledge. This is my testimony to those who seek them and to those who have found them. I pray to have the wisdom and strength to not turn off this straight and narrow path to happiness. I pray that He would abide in everyone, especially those who desire to dwell in His house.

My thanks to our Lord for this wonderful and beautiful world and that He can dwell in and among us. I’m further grateful that His love is long-suffering for all and that He is waiting for each of us to find shelter and rest in the arms of their own personal Master. I am grateful for that He is preparing the way and we can be victorious over all of the evil in this world for He can lift us above everything this world would offer.

This is my testimony to you in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ, with great affection and faith. Amen.

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