From the Desk of…

From the Desk of…..

October, November, December 2015

 The High Priests’ Quorum

– Quorum President David Van Fleet

The High Priest’s Quorum met twice in July for classes presented by Elder Alex Vun Cannon on the topic of “The Church of the Firstborn.”

At the September meeting, the high priests discussed and made final comments and changes in their report on “Recommendations on Enriching Branch Prayer Services.” This final draft has been forwarded to the First Presidency for their review and possible publication.

For some time the quorum has been reviewing and discussing Joseph Smith III’s “Letter of Instruction” regarding succession of the President of the Church. That letter was published in the Saints’ Herald of March 13, 1912, and also in History of the Church (Vol. 6, pp. 559-577). The quorum was counseled to prepare a “Resolution on Succession” following the guidelines found in the letter. At the October meeting, the resolution was discussed and final changes made. This “Resolution of Succession” was then forwarded to the First Presidency for their review and consideration.

The quorum leadership wishes to thank the members of the quorum for their attendance and participation in discussion of various matters, including those members who “attend” via telephone. These meetings have been, and promise to continue to be, unforgetable experiences.

Priests’ Quorum


Quorum President Keith Cruickshank

This fall the priests in the Center Place met to receive information about the Center Place of Zion program.  We had information given to us by Patriarch Carl VunCannon Jr., Bishop Dan Keleher, and High Priest Michael Hogan. Several priests also attended the fall Priesthood Assembly.

Women’s Council

Sister Marci Damon

The Women’s Council is looking excitedly at their future projects and goals for the next four months. But before we discuss the future projects, the Council would like to thank all the teachers, participants, and helpers that made the October, 2015, Women’s Retreat so memorable. We were blessed with 96 women attending the retreat, and six wonderful classes. Again, “thank you” to all that made the retreat so unforgettable.

The next project of The Women’s Council will be updating and revitalizing the Council’s web page on the Church’s website. The goal of the Council is to update the web page by January, 2016. After that point, the Council will be adding new and exciting information for all to read. The women are currently considering what information to put on the website, so if anyone has any ideas, please contact a member of the Council.

The Council will also be working on a one-day workshop that will take place on Saturday, February 20, 2016. We will be providing information on the workshop in the near future but, until then, mark your calendar for February 20th. It will be a time of worship, a time of learning, and a time of fellowship and fun, so do not miss out. We are hoping many ladies who are not in the Center Place area will join us on live-streaming for the workshop. Again, keep your eyes open for further information.

Media Outreach


– Sister Ardyce Nordeen

It’s been a busy, exciting year for the Media Outreach Department! We took video recordings at all five reunions in the summer and created a special Reunion Review for our September Remnant Times and Seasons broadcast. We’ve expanded our sites for

Order of Patriarchs

– Quorum President Carl VunCannon, Jr.

There are 16 men called by God to serve the people of the Remnant Church as patriarchs.  The order has been busy offering ministry in branches, at reunions, retreats, and camps, giving Patriarchal Blessings, special blessings, and offering needed counsel.

We want to remind the membership of the Remnant Church of the opportunity they have of receiving their Patriarchal Blessing.  The Patriarchal Blessing has been an ordinance in the Church since the Restoration in 1830 and is available to all members starting at 16 years old.

The root meaning of the words “blessed,” and “blessing,” is “happy.”  In the context of the Patriarchal Blessing, it is not a warm fuzzy, or some other pleasant feeling.  It is the quality of happiness which is caught up in the word “joy,” as in, “Men are that they may have joy” (II Nephi 1:115).  A Patriarchal Blessing is a special laying-on-of-hands ministry given by a patriarch and intended to bring to the recipients counsel, guidance, and help in living life in a way that will produce blessedness, or happiness, everlasting joy, and fulfillment.  It is rooted in man’s need and in God’s love.

You may want to consider asking a patriarch about receiving your blessing.  Materials are available for your study and further consideration of receiving your Patriarchal Blessing.  

Religious Education

Sister Becky Hogan

Additions to the church school curriculum are continuing to be made and will be available soon. Several volunteers are adding activities for the junior materials.

Children’s Curriculum through junior high should be available at conference in April for the reunions during the summer of 2016. Each reunion director will receive a copy and can make copies as needed.

If you are planning a Vacation Church School program next summer, let us know and we might be able to help with the curriculum needs.

Progress is being made toward providing a catalog of available curriculum by the end of the year.

We are interested in knowing what your needs are for your church school program.

You can contact us at:  Religious Education Department

                                      700 West Lexington

                                      Independence, Missouri 64050


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