Geneseo Reunion

Geneseo Reunion June 22 – 29, 2017

by Apostle Mark Deitrick

Volume 18, Number 3, July, August, September 2017 Issue 72

Saints who spent their summers attending many different reunions best summed up the 2017 Geneseo Reunion during the dedication service on the final day. They testified that the Geneseo Reunion was one of the most spiritual reunions they had attended.

This year’s theme was “Becoming Zion Within.” That vision, that desire to become the people called Zion, was so evident in the hearts of young and old alike. ALL contributed to making that dream come closer to reality as we worked, played, and worshiped together – seeking not only to become one in heart, but to become the “pure in heart.”
The teachers for all ages were outstanding, and the preaching was inspired. The preachers, teachers, presiders, and those who provided special music, brought ministry so perfectly in sync with one another it seemed as if they had studied and prepared together all year for this one week. In a sense, they had; because it became obvious as the week progressed that the Holy Spirit was the one guiding and directing their efforts.

It was a joy to see saints together in a spirit of oneness. They were so quick to respond in both worship and service. Throughout the week, there was an outpouring of love for one another as everyone – again, young and old – pitched in to make the reunion a success. Whether it was heading to the corn patch to pick sweet corn for supper, taking the kids swimming, sharing their prayers and testimonies, going on the hayrack ride to the corn maze, driving the golf cart to help transport folks from one place to another, helping with KP, providing morning worships, sharing their awesome talents and abilities during the talent service, or keeping the grounds clean and spotless, all worked together as one.

Too much happened to be able to put it all into this short report, and writing about it doesn’t do it justice. It was a wonderful week, and our time spent together ended much too soon; but the Spirit of God that we experienced will not end. It will keep us going, longing for more until we meet again in this special place.