Geneseo Reunion 2016

Geneseo Reunion

Jul/Aug/Sep 2016

The Geneseo Saints’ Reunion held in Geneseo, Illinois, was a wonderful week. Over one hundred Saints from all across the United States and Canada came together with love in their hearts for their God, for their Savior, and for one another. What a wonderful Spirit. What a blessed week!

Each morning before the day’s activities, the tone was set as the priesthood met together and Apostle Bob Murie Jr., and Elder Bob Moe led the men in worship and discussion.

The theme of the reunion was based on Alma 3:28, “Have ye received his image in your countenances?” The priesthood members who expounded on this topic through the spoken word brought forth excellent ministry, and much for the Saints to consider, as they preached on the attributes of Christ that should shine forth through all members of the Church.

Those asked to teach the classes did an outstanding job. President Ralph Damon, JCRB Seventy Jim Noland, and Restoration Elder John Larson taught the daily adult classes dealing with the week’s theme, “Steadfastness in Christ,” and faith.

As well as participating in excellent classes, learning to play in a bell choir, and singing in a vocal group, the youth of the camp were also able to swim, get lost in a corn maze, and have fun participating in many other activities organized and supervised by Seventy Ray Setter and his wife, Leith.

The musical ministry brought during the week was beyond description… so many talented Saints performed beautifully to His honor and glory. A talent show was put together by Sister Linda VerDught and the campers enjoyed a spiritual evening of music, poetry, and skits performed by Saints of all ages.

On the final day of reunion, two new members were added to the Church as brothers Caeden and Kyler Edwards from Canada were baptized by Elder James Malmgren and confirmed by Apostle Bob Murie Jr., and Elder Tom Vanderwalker. The week concluded with a moving service of repentance, commitment, and dedication presided over by JCRB Seventy Kent Pedersen. The Saints stood together as families, bearing their testimonies and desires to do their part in bringing forth Zion.

It was truly a special week… I pray it brought joy to our Lord’s heart.