Idaho Reunion – 2015


– By Morgan Wigle and Jim Watkins

What a wonderful reunion we had in Cascade, Idaho. We were blessed with the wonderful Spirit of peace and unity, the weather was beautiful, warm in the daytime and cool in the evening, for excellent campfires and sleeping. It also allowed us to have all of our services in the chapel, something we have not been able to do for several years.

We had an abundance of young people again this year and each of them, as they could, participated in all aspects of the camp, from their participation in the worship services to volunteering for kitchen help to sweeping the floors. By working together in these ways, along with their time together at recreation periods, they enjoyed building lasting relationships with each other. Our reunion was not large with only 30 campers, but the Spirit which greeted us each day, and stayed with us until the close of the day’s activities, allowed us to grow together quickly and powerfully. Our study focus was on the Remnant Revelations and how they apply to us today. Each camper left the reunion with a deeper understanding of where we, as a Church, stand in today’s world and the outstanding potential we have when the task which lies before us is completed.

We enjoyed the presence of several families from “back east” this year as we found the return of Elder C.H. Whiteman and his wife Pat and Patti Jobe among our campers. New to Cascade this year, but looking forward to their return in the years to come, were Craig and Ardyce Nordeen. They jumped right in with Ardyce leading the evening campfires, Craig adding his ministry to the worship and preaching services, and both of them participating in the reunion choir. Craig and C.H. led our prayer services and brought a refreshing and tender Spirit to those moments of worship.

Sister Paula Brackett was our reunion ‘food service director’ and, as might be expected, did an outstanding job of feeding everyone. Morgan Wigle served as the reunion director with great support from Tony Hill and Jim Watkins. And thanks to each and every person who served as a teacher, helper, dishwasher, firewood gatherer, floor sweeper, and in any other task which needed to be done – you served God and the Saints. Thank you.