Junior High Camp

Junior High Camp June 23-30, 2018

By High Priests Corwyn L. Mercer and Elbert H. Rogers

The Remnant Record 2018 – Volume 1

The 2018 youth camping season was concluded with sixteen junior high campers coming to worship and praise our heavenly Father. The theme for the camp was Walk with Jesus, with the daily theme discussing the many feelings we have in life and how we are to still choose to walk with Jesus while we deal with those feelings. Themes included Walk with Jesus When I’m Angry, Walk with Jesus When I’m Nervous, Walk with Jesus When I’m Afraid, Walk with Jesus When I’m Sad, Walk with Jesus When I’m Confused, and Walk with Jesus Because He Is Lord! Thank you, Coral Rogers, for the inspiration in the theme and writing out the stories for each day. Each of the daily themes were anchored with a scripture story of how God is always there with his servants.

Junior High Camp was directed by High Priest Elbert and Coral Rogers (Sperry Branch) with Ester Goodrich (Center Congregation), Vickie Pinkley (First Congregation) and Sariah Hoover (Bountiful Congregation) providing excellent meals. Christy Mercer was the camp nurse, keeping us all well. Patricia Powers (Sperry Branch), Tracee Bryant (First Congregation), Dani Patrick (Center Congregation), Sarah Bass (First Congregation) and Keilah Zahner (First Congregation) served as counselors for the girls. Bishop Dan Keleher, and High Priest Corwyn Mercer (both of First Congregation) served as counselors for the boys. Sister Rogers recruited a wonderful group of Counselors-In-Training (CITs) with Gabrielle Collins (Blackgum Branch), Teacher Isaiah Woods (Center Congregation), Jackson Patrick (Center Congregation), and Parker Tibbitts (Sperry Branch).

The CITs provided the acting crew for the “Living Scriptures” class. The counselors provided double duty, covering camp classes such as archery, crafts, cooking, survival, and leading campfires. As always, one of the highlights of camp is the talent show night, in which everyone shares in the fun.

The junior high campers were especially focused on worshipping and experiencing the Spirit, which was conveyed in their desires to help. They eagerly cleaned their cabins, bathrooms, and participated in what Coral Rogers calls Pearl Diving (KP).

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