Junior High Camp – 2015


July/August/September 2015

– By Corwin Mercer

Junior High Camp was held from June 27 through July 4 this year at the Remnant Church campgrounds in Blackgum, Oklahoma. The campgrounds were developed specifically for the gathering of the youth to learn about Jesus and to grow closer to Him. Over the years the campgrounds have also been the site of many spiritual blessings to the Church at men’s and women’s retreats, and the genesis of the renewal of the Church with the “Blackgum Experience.” It is with this history supporting them that the youth gathered in anticipation of being able to draw closer to the Lord and see the work  He has for them to do. The week of fun and learning did not disappoint. As the youth came together, the presence of the Lord was known.

The camp was directed by High Priest Corwyn Mercer with Elders Darrin Moore and Dustin Westbay, Deacons David Patrick and Jared Hoover, Josh Madding, and Bishop Ben Galbraith serving as male counselors. The female counselors were Melody Moore, Dani Patrick, Gabrielle Mercer, Katelyn Mercer, and Samantha Holt. Danelle Woodruff traveled from Indiana with her two children but, due to illness, had to leave at the beginning of the week. We were sorry to see her and her children leave early. Christy Williams provided great care of the campers as the camp nurse. Diana Galbraith and Sariah Hoover provided the meals with the help of cook-in-training Molly Moore. Sarah Bass and Kielah Zahner served as counselors-in-training and brought great energy to all that they were asked to do.

Darrin Moore and Jared Hoover provided an outdoor survival class while David Patrick and Katelyn Mercer provided an archery class. Dani Patrick provided an arts/crafts class and Dustin Westbay and Josh Madding provided an acting class. Christy Williams taught a basic first aid class while Ben Galbraith provided spiritual watch care as the camp pastor. Corwyn Mercer taught the theme class on “Jesus” with the text of the book of James, Chapters 1 and 2, as the basis for the class. Gabrielle Mercer provided the campfires with the great support of her sister, Katelyn. Samantha Holt did a great job on the camp log with the support of Melody Moore and her photography skills. All these staff members gathered to serve thirteen girls and seventeen boys. We planned for twenty campers and hoped for twenty-five. God is good all the time! I am thankful for the children that came and the opportunity to serve them. Thanks for the wonderful staff that worked together to show these children what a people after God’s heart looks like.