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Volume 18, Number 4, October, November, December 2017 Issue 73

GENESEO REUNION CORRECTION The last issue of The Hastening Times noted incorrectly that the Geneseo Reunion was held in June. The correct
dates were July 22 – 29, 2017. Our apologies for any confusion this may have caused.

MIKE LYTLE RETIRES Brother Mike Lytle joined the church in Alma, Michigan. He was called to the priesthood as a priest in the late 1960s and then to the office of elder
in 2009. Mike has traveled the world. He served in the US Air Force, working in the intelligence agency in Italy. After the Air Force he became a middle school teacher, teaching art and math, before working for the IRS, from which he retired ten years ago. Mike came to Independence in the early 1970s and attended Enoch Hill Congregation. He later attended Blue Springs Restoration Branch, which became Blue Springs Remnant Branch. Mike is a charter member of the church, and soon after his retirement from the IRS he was asked to become the General Church Secretary, serving for over nine years. During that time, Mike performed over fifty different jobs for the church, from keeping minutes at all official meetings to notary public as well as occasionally sweeping the floor – no job was too small! We want to thank Brother Lytle for his tireless service and devotion to building the kingdom!

FORM Please note that the subscription form for the 2018 issues of Moments with the Master is on page 27. We encourage all to subscribe.

CONFERENCE REGISTRATION FORM Watch for the 2018 General Conference registration form in an upcoming News Briefs. The tentative opening date for conference is April 2, 2018. Conference will close April 8, 2018.

FOR GENERAL CHURCH EVENTS General Conferences will be held every two years on even years beginning with the 2018 conference. The next conference after that will be held in April of 2020. Likewise, the annual Priesthood Assembly and Women’s Retreat will also be held every two years on odd years, so the next Assembly and Retreat will occur in 2019.

2018 CALENDAR PLANNING Please note that the 2018 dates for many key Remnant Church gatherings have been set. Dates on the back cover represent opportunities for fellowship with the saints and to enjoy spiritual renewal as we come together in one heart and one mind. We hope you can attend some of these important events!


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