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Volume 19, Number 1, Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr 2018 Issue No. 74

THREE TIMES PER YEAR Beginning with this issue, The Hastening Times will be published three times per year. We will continue our regular feature departments such as Bishop’s Corner, From the Desk of, News from the Congregations and Branches, Ambassadors for Zion, and Children’s Pages.

However, the various gatherings of the saints at General Conference, retreats, camps, Vacation Church School,and reunions will be covered in a new publication, The
Remnant Record. This will provide opportunity for Th \e Hastening Times to feature more articles of interest and value to the saints.

The Remnant Record is currently planned to be published on an annual basis in January of each year. It will serve as a “yearbook” of the fellowship and learning activities of the saints from the previous year.

THE HASTENING TIMES DONATION FORM It is time for the annual support of The Hastening Times and the new Remnant Record. Although the publication is provided to members without any subscription fee, your donations provide valuable assistance toward covering the costs of publication and mailing. Please note the donation form is located on page 17. All are encouraged to support the publication and mailing expenses associated with this important ministry.

BIENNIAL SCHEDULES TO BEGIN IN 2018 FOR GENERAL CHURCH EVENTS Beginning in 2018, General Conference will be held every two years on even years beginning with the 2018 General Conference. The General Conference after that will be held in April of 2020.

The annual Priesthood Assembly and Women’s Retreat will also begin an every two year schedule, and will occur on odd years. Also, please note these events will move to the spring of these years. The next Priesthood Assembly and Women’s Retreat will occur in April of 2019, and then again in the spring of 2021.

GENERAL CONFERENCE IS APRIL 1–7, 2018 General Conference will span a full week this year, commencing on Sunday, April 1st, and continuing through Saturday, April 7th. Registration and a fellowship activity will occur the afternoon / evening of Saturday, March 31st. Please see the preliminary General Conference agenda on page 24.

CONFERENCE REGISTRATION FORM The 2018 General Conference registration form is on page 25. Please copy and submit your registration at your earliest convenience to assist in conference planning, printing, and meal planning.

Please remember to complete your request for meals during conference on the registration form. It is important to order meals in advance, as it cannot be guaranteed that additional meals will be available at conference if you have not pre-ordered them.

You will also note on the registration form the abilit  to request housing for conference if needed. Early submission of housing requests will assist in the ability to accommodate those with a housing need.

Thank you for your attention to this. We look forward to seeing everyone at conference!

2018 CALENDAR PLANNING Please note that the 2018 dates for many key Remnant Church gatherings have been set. Dates on the back cover represent opportunities for fellowship with the saints and to enjoy spiritual renewal as we come together in one heart and one mind. It is hoped you can attend some of these important events!

EPITOME OF FAITH You may have noticed in this issue and in the last issue of The Hastening Times that “Our Epitome of Faith” was published inside the front cover. This will be a regular inclusion in the magazine. It is hoped this will be a valuable reminder for the saints, and a useful resource for friends of the church who may be reading the magazine.

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