News from the Branches and Congregations – Issue 76

News from the Branches and Congretations

Vol. 19, Number 3 Sep/Oct/Nov/Dec 2018 Issue No. 76

Center Place of Zion

Blue Springs Congregation – by Ardyce Nordeen

Blue Springs Congregation has had a pleasant summer and early fall. We were able to complete the carpet replacement in the five rooms that had not been damaged in our winter flood. Now the entire building has matching new carpet! We have also enjoyed the verdant beauty of the landscaping (tended by Marylyn Gosling) through the entire season of blooming.

Our congregation provided the video broadcasts in the evenings of August and both mornings and evenings in September. It is again good to be able to share the outreach responsibilities with the rest of the central area congregations. We hope that perhaps some of you were able to join us via the internet from time to time.

The women at Blue Springs continued to meet for monthly classes during the summer. We wanted to catch up the lessons we missed back in the winter when we were not meeting in our building.

Carol McGuire, Karen Killpack’s mother, celebrated her 100th birthday on September 18th! We showered her with cards to help mark her centennial day.

The Nordeen family welcomed a brand new granddaughter in August. Elliana Adriel Nordeen was born to Monte and Jerah Nordeen and was welcomed by big sister, Adele. Carl and Suzy VunCannon welcomed a new granddaughter, Amelia Joann VunCannon, born September 15, 2018. She is also a great-granddaughter to Carl and Leta VunCannon.

Cheryl Blanton lost her beloved husband, Chuck, at the end of summer. Over the years, our congregation had benefitted from Chuck’s assistance, especially at congregational dinners. For the past few years, he had fought a courageous battle with illness. Our hearts go out to Sister Blanton and her extended family.

Mabel Marsh and Wendell Corn were united in marriage at the end of August. We wish them happy years together!

We held our annual Church School Recognition Day on September 16th. Even with the ten weeks out of our building early in the year, we had five children and youth in the congregation who earned a special award for attendance and participation this past year. They are Andrew VunCannon, Jared Martens, Leah Martens, Jenna Martens, and Piper Erickson. Parents and the congregation were urged to continue on the path noted in Proverbs 22:6 to “Train up a child in the way he should go.”

Blue Springs was happy to host a baptismal service in mid-September for the Bountiful and Center Congregations. It is a joy to share in these special, sacred times with our fellow saints!

Bountiful Congregation – by Annie Williams

Bountiful had a busy summer! The corn grew high and was harvested, and the millet crop was harvested and made into hay. Andrew and Megan Romer hosted their annual Fourth of July party where all the local congregations were
invited. Fun was had by young and old as we celebrated our country’s independence.

Our congregation is quickly growing, as well as the Bountiful community. The Tyler and Emily Kreutner family moved in recently, which put us at 12 Bountiful families!

September 9th was a special day for Bountiful. The First Presidency arranged a beautiful church dedication service. We had 61 in attendance, which included members from other congregations who came to share with us. It was a lovely day with a beautiful service that was followed by a potluck and fellowship.

Two of our young members were baptized in September! Elizabeth Purvis and Robert Sisk were baptized at the Blue Springs Congregation. Our congregation is so pleased that they have made this decision to follow Christ!

Bountiful looks forward to a lovely fall season and enjoying our new building as a congregation.

Center Congregation – by Cindy Patience

Recently, several guest speakers, and many of our own, have added much to our worship experiences. In July, we enjoyed getting to know more about Deacon Josh Madding as he shared about his growing-up years: trials, challenges, and the story of his conversion. We also were very edified by the sermon of High Priest Austin Purvis, from Bountiful, as he shared his message with us.

On August 19th, we had a special service as Jacob Killpack was ordained as a priest by his father, Elder Tom Killpack, and grandfather, Patriarch Lee Killpack. It was a beautiful service with special music by his family and a wonderful sermon by President Frederick N. Larsen. We know that Jacob will bring us prayerful ministry now and in the future.

As a labor of love, Terry Patience built a new pulpit for our congregation. The pulpit was much needed and, when fully completed, will be dedicated to the memory of our brother, Bill Derr.

Tom and Kathy Moats celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Saturday, September 1st. We are privileged to have their dedication as Tom has so aptly stepped into the role of presiding elder for our congregation.

First Congregation – by Brenda Evans

Summertime brought many activities for First Congregation members. Reunions and camps were well attended, Vacation Church School had many First Congregation participants and volunteers, and Church School teachers graduated their pupils and began the new Church School year.

A memorial service for Patriarch Conrad Faulk was held in the Worship Center at the Gathering Place on June 20th. Brother Faulk was a servant of God. Family and friends recognized his life-long efforts to live a life of allegiance to his Lord.

Will and Erica Jobe welcomed their healthy baby boy on July 8, 2018. He entered this world weighing 9 pounds and 7 ounces and was 20.5 inches long. Baby Jobe has been given the names of his four greatgrandfathers; Wesley David Eugene Jobe. May this new resident on earth always be strong and healthy in mind, body, and spirit. God bless this little one and his parents.

A beautiful, worshipful service of the baptism of water and the baptism of the Holy Spirit was enjoyed by the members of First Congregation on July 15th. Wayne and Mary Lou Bartrow’s daughter and son-in- law, Dawn and Paul Linden, brought their children from Michigan to be baptized. Brooke Ellen Linden and her brother, Sean David Linden, were baptized by their grandfather, High Priest Wayne Bartrow. President Frederick N. Larsen, assisted by Brother Bartrow,
confirmed Brooke and Sean.

We want to extend congratulations to Matt VerDught on his new job in Tallahassee, Florida. He and Leslie, Levi, and Brendon moved in time to start the new school year. They are missed at First Congregation, but we are praying for God’s Spirit to be with them in their new home and job and school activities.

South Central District

Carthage Branch – by Elder David W. Tevebaugh

Elder Ron Westbay started May with a great sacrament service. Then, on Mother’s Day, after the service, the ladies all received lighted roses from Elder David Tevebaugh. Apostle Don Burnett and his wife, Linda, joined us on the 20th. Brother Don finished on time, so we “celebrated” with a potluck dinner afterwards.

In June, Seventy Matt Goodrich and his wife, Ester, joined us on the 10th. After his great sermon we fellowshipped over lunch. Church was cancelled on the 17th, but Patriarch Ernie Shank gave his sermon that was planned for that day on the 24th. Priest Jared Dollen was blessed with a new job and headed to Webbers Falls, Oklahoma.

High Priest Mike Hogan and his wife, Beckie, came for service on July 8th. Elder R.J. Mendel, Elder Frank Potter and his wife, Francis, from Ava were visiting and stayed for lunch. A special thanks to Mike and Beckie for their fellowship through the years. We were truly blessed on July 14th and 15th as the Aaronic Priesthood conducted three home visits and the entire Sunday service. Thank you Priests Keith Cruickshank and Mike Richardson, Teacher Isaiah Woods, and Deacons Josh Madding and Elijah Woods. They did outstanding work for the Lord. Brother and Sister Goodrich used this occasion to kick off a special campaign to grow the Carthage Branch. Now we must concentrate on growing
our membership. Spreading the fullness of the gospel to all who will listen means more than ministering to just those in church on Sundays. We look forward to working together and thank everyone for their efforts and prayers, and hope the efforts prove worthwhile! High Priest Bob Ostrander and his wife, Karen, joined us the 29th; we had sandwiches and fellowship afterwards. They seem like branch members.

Brother and Sister Goodrich will be ministering here in Carthage to help out for a while and returned to teach class on August 12th. Welcome aboard! Bishop Ben Galbraith and his wife, Diana, provided the class, sermon, and piano music for us on the 19th and fellowshipped over lunch at Scott and Debbie Michael’s home afterwards. The Spirit of the Lord was truly with us!

With the help of Apostle Roger Tracey and High Priest Elbert Rogers, we completed the remodel of the bathroom and lights in time for inspection by the insurance representative. What a wonderful blessing those two are.

Beverly and I were able to attend the South Central District meeting at Ava, Missouri, September 9th. We enjoyed a wonderful prayer and testimony service that ran late, then Patriarch Ralph Damon gave a wonderful sermon. Brothers Richardson and Goodrich covered for us at Carthage on the 9th, and they were truly appreciated. Apostle Terry Patience joined us on the 16th for class and gave a wonderful sermon after. We fellowshipped over lunch later.

We truly appreciate everyone’s help and prayers.

Sperry Branch – by Debbie Eastin

Time seems to speed up month after month, but the events are fairly consistent. Scripture study continues once a month in the Burd and Reynolds’ homes. The Men’s Group breakfast continues on the first Saturday of the month at the American Legion. The Women’s Meeting is held monthly on Tuesday evening at the church. Teacher Alex Tibbitts and Priest Dean Holt continue to conduct home visitations.

During the summer, the Vacation Church School drew adults and kids alike. The event took place in the evening, with dinner being served at 6 p.m. A total of 12 kids attended along with a similar number of adults. Further, the branch was fortunate to have several guest speakers over the quarter: Elder Denny Post joined us in July and Patriarch Ralph Damon in August. In September, President James A. Vun Cannon and Presiding Bishop W. Kevin Romer joined us to share progress on the Visitors Center and use of new technology to reach others.

On the celebration side, we rejoiced over life’s blessings and victories. In June, Samantha Holt passed a state board examination with a score of 94%. Amy Carter married Patrick Bloome on June 16, 2018. Robert and Patty Jobe became grandparents with the birth of Wesley David Eugene Jobe on July 8, 2018. Also, in July, John Seaton returned home from extended hospital and rehabilitation care. On July 28th, family and friends gathered to celebrate his home coming with a fish fry at John and Brenda’s. Fun and good food was had by all. Last, but not least, on August 19th a wedding shower was held for Paul Van Meter and Samantha Meier, who were joined in holy matrimony on September 15, 2018. We wish them all the best.

First Michigan Branch – Kathleen Haley

We had a beautiful sacrament service on July 1st with High Priest Robert Murie, Jr., giving the remarks. He explained we need to let our uniqueness shine.

On August 5th, Priest Karl Bell gave us some of his favorite scriptures to read and think about, including Luke 15:1–10, Luke 3:2–7, and Psalm 1:5–6.

August and September have been rough on our branch. Between reunions, sickness, and vacations, we had to cancel a couple of our Sunday services. However, our September sacrament service was very special. High Priest Wayne Bartrow had baptized two of his grandchildren in Independence this summer. Elder Jim Malmgren, Jr., served Sean and Brooke their first communion at the First Michigan Branch. It was a tremendously Spirit-filled service.

On the third weekend this October, we are hosting a weekend event with High Priest Jim Noland and his wife, Bonnie. He will be sharing his “Life After Death” presentation. We are all very excited about this upcoming event and plan to invite other branches to attend with us.

Southern Indiana Branch – by Rebecca Paris

Greetings from Southern Indiana!

We have had a hot and rainy summer!

Spring brought tough times for our congregation. Wanda Bickel fell and broke her leg in March. She had to have a total knee replacement to mend it. During her recovery and rehab, her heart wore out, and she eventually passed in early May. We know that Wanda is so happy to be reunited with her son, Kevin Bickel, and her husband, Charles Bickel. Your prayers for Wanda’s daughter, Cheryl Ault, are much appreciated.

The Woodruff family, Robbie, Danelle, Riley and Kevin, were blessed by their time spent at Senior High Camp. They made new friends, enjoyed fellowship with their former friends, learned all about Jesus, and sang around the campfire!

Rachel Paris has returned to Western Kentucky University and is finishing her senior year. She will graduate in May with a corporate and organizational communication degree as well as a theater degree and half of her master of communication degree completed. We miss having Rachel’s input in our Sunday School class. She is always ready with a definition or a scripture related to our topics!

Nathan Paris has started his freshman year at Indiana University in Bloomington. He is off to a fast start of making friends and joining organizations. Nathan decided to join the Marching Hundred marching band! He plans to pursue three degrees in finance, economic consulting, and entrepreneurship. We miss Nathan’s warm smile and hugs at church each Sunday as well as the ministry he brings.

Riley Woodruff is starting her senior year at Floyd Central High School. She is playing varsity volleyball and leading in kills on her team. Riley is exploring the many options for her future career. She was also nominated to be on the football Homecoming Court and was crowned queen! We love seeing Riley’s smiling face at church.

The years have flown by and it seems nearly impossible to announce that Richard and Rebecca Paris celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in August. They married at a VERY young age!! Richard and Rebecca feel very blessed to have found each other in this crazy world and have loved the time that they have been able to spend together. There greatest accomplishment would have to be their two amazing kids!

Our congregation has been blessed by Kevin Woodruff’s call to the office of Deacon. Kevin was ordained by his father, Priest Robbie Woodruff, and his cousin, Priest Nathan Paris, in August. Kevin’s ministry is much needed in our congregation and we look forward to seeing the work that the Lord has for him to do. Kevin is quick to serve, happy to help, and sensitive to the needs of people around him.

After being highly recruited, Jeff and Barbara Byrnes’ grandson, Cobie Barnes, committed to play basketball for Indiana State University. We are so happy for him and wish him the best as he finishes his senior year at Floyd Central High School as one of the top scorers for his team.

We are also happy to announce that Ms. Bonnie Perry was fortunate enough to go visit her siblings in Branson, Missouri, in September. She had a wonderful time and returned to us safe and sound.

If you cannot get out to go to church on Sundays, please check out our live Facebook feed. We video each of our Sunday sermons. Find our Facebook Group at: Remnant Church of Jesus Christ – Southern Indiana

Please mark your calendars for a Witnessing Weekend at the Southern Indiana Congregation November 2nd – November 4th. Everyone is welcome! Please contact
Rebecca Paris at 502-939-7601 for more details.

Our love and prayers go out to each of you!

…Other News

On August 2, 2018, Elder Don Helton passed away. He was a resident of Cantonment, Florida, and is survived by his wife, Pat, of Cantonment, and a son, Mike, of Atlanta, Georgia. Brother Helton was a newly ordained elder and was involved in a great work in that area. He will be missed.

Sister Arline Davis, a church member from Denison, Texas, has passed away. She was isolated from other saints by miles, but attended as many retreats, reunions, and conferences as she possibly could, She was a faithful servant and will be greatly missed by all who knew her.

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