New Online Scripture Search


Dear Saints,
It is our pleasure to present the new robust scripture search now available on our website at 


You can watch a quick tutorial here:

Some Background
We knew when our new website went live that we wanted to be able to enhance our online scripture search capabilities. For the past few months our team has been working with our website developers to build us an in-house scripture database. This database allows us to quickly search for keywords, phrases, or single topics from our own website.
It is our prayer that this search tool will be an invaluable resource for you in your studies and preparation needs.
If any of you are familiar with RLDS Scripture Search (, you will find many of the same features, with the added text for the Remnant Revelations (Doctrine & Covenants Sections 145 and beyond)
A special thank you to Jon Tandy ( and Paul Ludy ( who freely and generously provided the raw data for import into our database.

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