Oklahoma Reunion


Oklahoma Reunion

The theme for this year’s Oklahoma Reunion held on the campus of Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College in Miami, OK was “Power From on High.” And true to our theme, we were powerfully blessed by the Spirit of God once again. The college campus, with the help and support from the staff members, more than adequately met our every need, making our worship there a very enjoyable experience.

We were blessed with the different ministries offered by men of various quorums and orders of priesthood. Seventies Ray Setter, Roger Tracy, and Dick Wilson provided sermons which were uplifting and challenged each and every attendee. Further, Seventy Bruce Terry taught the older youth class, a group of young people which has now turned into our largest class. These young people are giving more and more of their time and skills to help out at our reunions and we are pleased to be able to watch them take more and more of the daily responsibility for the reunion. The days will soon come when many of them will be given larger leadership roles.

To round out the guest ministry, we were blessed to have Patriarch Arthur Allen, High Priest John Atkins and Bishop Ben Galbraith with us for the week. Bishop Galbraith taught some classes for

the older youth on preparing to “fireproof” their marriages when they achieve that point in their lives. To complete his busy week, he also taught several classes for the adults.

High Priest David Van Fleet presented to his class information from Apostle Arthur Oakman’s booklet, “The Call of Christ in an Age of Dilemma.” High Priest Lane Harold offered a further class for the adults based upon his booklet, “Identity Theft.”

The reunion was missing some people this year, especially those within the children’s department. Because of their young ages, they are dependent upon their parents and grandparents for transportation to these invaluable reunions and other church related activities. However, they need to attend in order to gain their testimonies of the faith and fellowship which comes with this association.

There were 54 guests registered and we gained another 10 or 15 who visited the reunion throughout the week’s activities. Elder Ronnie and Sister Becky Rogers from Locust Grove came over on Sunday and set up the beautiful worship center in the sanctuary for our time together. Elder Mason Johnson and his wife Margaret entertained us several times with their music. The youth

participated in several “inside” campfires with a large contingent of adults staying around to participate.

The food was great, the weather ideal, and the fellowship with the Christ and each other could not have been better. We now look forward to next year and invite everyone to come and join with us for another outstanding experience with God.

Director Leland Collins