ONE ENDEAVOR – an introduction

ONE ENDEAVOR – an introduction

by President James A. Vun Cannon

Volume 19, Number 2, May/Jun/Jul/Aug 2018 Issue No. 75

One Endeavor is an initiative of the church whose purpose is to be one as stated by Jesus in John 17:21: “That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us; that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.”

One Endeavor is about you and the reasons you wereplaced here on the earth at this time. It is about the ministry that each one of you has and the fulfilling of
the measure of creation God intended for you. It is simply about doing the work of the ministry! Without the work of the ministry, no change in your spiritual
life can occur, or will happen, until you start today, right now, doing the work. It is much more than just being a good person; it is an outward reflection of the
righteousness of your inward soul, and it can only find expression in performing holy works, for God, for others, and for self. The unity Christ spoke about
in the 17th chapter of John is the foundation that will lead us to follow the commandments, become more accountable, seek and speak the truth in love, and
change our spiritual countenance.

Every member of the Remnant Church has an active role in our missionary efforts. At every stage of missionary work in which you are involved, you can:
create friendships with those not of our faith, share church materials, share your feelings and testimony about the church, share your experience and testimony of the fullness of the gospel, and invite these new-found friends to your home and church activities, service projects, Lunch Partners, and worship services.

We are unique among those in the Restoration in that we can show others the beginnings of Zion in our Bountiful community, the storehouse, Lunch Partners, and Zion’s Academy. The elements of One Endeavor, “The Fundamentals of the Fullness of the Gospel,” “What is the Kingdom?,” and “The Vision to the Kingdom,” are like blueprints to help us envision how the church is needed in the building of the kingdom. The church’s ministries, priesthood, and governmental structures are designed to build Zion. As we share this vision with our friends, these elements of One Endeavor will help us explain the high calling of this church; a very solemn and holy calling to build the kingdom of God on earth. This means acting as leaven to build up our churches and the communities in which we live, or, if we are so privileged, to live in zionic communities.

What can you do today?

Our churches need our immediate help by providing our time, our talents, and even our treasure to expand and fortify Zion. New communities need land, branches of the church need workers, and Lunch Partners needs volunteers; there is no end to the work we can still do.

“Remember, it is still day when preparation can be made for the coming of the Bridegroom. Prepare the Bride. Put oil in your vessels and trim your lamps.
But take comfort in the knowledge that a secure foundation is being laid upon which my gospel shall go forth, even as the stone which is cut out of the mountain without hands, and that my Zion will unfold before you” (R-146:6b).

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