Senior High Camp

Senior High Camp July 7-14, 2018

By High Priests Corwyn L. Mercer and Elbert H. Rogers

The Remnant Record 2018 – Volume 1

Senior High Camp was directed by High Priest Corwyn Mercer (First Congregation). Patriarch Fred Williams (Bountiful Congregation) was the camp pastor. The wonderful meals were provided by a quartet of lovely ladies: Betty Williams (Bountiful Congregation), and Darlene Collins, Linda Gusman, and Esther Paris (all of First Congregation). Christy Mercer (First Congregation) provided for our medical care. Dani Patrick (Center Congregation), Danelle Woodruff (Southern Indiana Branch), and Tracee Bryant, Sara Reynolds, and Samantha Wilson (all of First Congregation) were the counselors for the girls. High Priest Elbert Rogers (Sperry Branch), Deacon David Patrick (Center Congregation), and Priest Robbie Woodruff (Southern Indiana Branch) were the counselors for the boys. Sarah Bass (First Congregation), Tessa Woods (Center Congregation), and Keilah Zahner (First Congregation) blessed us as Counselors-In-Training (CITs), helping by leading campfires, teaching crafts, and being in charge of kitchen clean-up (KP), respectively.

The week’s theme class was focused on our calling as followers of Christ; to be involved daily in lives of kingdom building. There were classes on archery (Brother Patrick), crafts (Sisters Woodruff and Woods), big games (Dani Patrick [Center Congregation]), talent show preparation (Sister Bryant), and finding your life talents (Sister Reynolds). Apostle Roger Tracy provided his annual day on the lake with kayaks. We added more stepping stones to the campfire path, and on the first full day of camp we went to see the USS Batfish. The USS Batfish is an actual World War II submarine that is dry docked in Oklahoma. We learned how sailors lived, worked, and fought on a World War II United States Navy submarine. It was humbling to understand the sacrifices of the sailors who served on the USS Batfish. We thank all who have served us by their service in the United States military.

We encourage you to Walk with Jesus next year at Senior High Camp!

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