South Central District Women’s Retreat

South Central District Women’s Retreat October 19-21, 2018

By Coral J. Rogers

The Remnant Record 2018 – Volume 1

The South Central District Women’s Retreat was held October 19th–21st at the Remnant Church Blackgum Campground. Our theme for the weekend was Becoming an Elect Lady for Christ. Melody Moore and Leith Setter from Independence joined us and shared four sessions to help us in our journey as elect ladies. Through the miracle of technology, those four interactive presentations were given with fascinating topics such as:

“Walk in the Paths of Virtue,” led by Cindy Patience,
“Making the Scriptures Come Alive in Our Lives,” led by Katrina Baker,
“Laying Aside the Things of the World,” led by Bishop Dan Keleher, and
“Cleave Unto the Covenants Which You Make,” led by Patriarch Ralph Damon.

We also had exciting live classes that included:

“Creating and Using A Storehouse,” led by Angela Collins,
“Creating and Using a Home Altar,” led by Coral Rogers, and
“What’s for Supper?” a “what if” challenge for elect ladies, led by Coral Rogers.

Since we always have fun whenever we get together, the games and puzzles played throughout the weekend emphasized and reinforced our theme. We remained focused on living our lives as elect ladies no matter what we’re doing or where we are. Sometime during the weekend, we realized we really are special handmaidens of the Lord. We ranged in ages from 8 to 92 at the retreat, but we all have work to do. It’s not just something for discussion anymore—it’s a reality. We have already become elect ladies for Christ—we just need to sharpen our skills and bravely step out in faith, accomplishing tasks we never thought we could do. Peggy Harper brought shawls and lap afghans that she had been making for us the last few months. What a creative way to bind us together as sisters and give us a lasting memory of our weekend retreat. Although few in number, seven ladies from our district, we were mighty in spirit. Each evening ended, of course, with an indoor campfire.

What would we have done at the retreat without our wonderful gourmet chefs who prepared all our meals and snacks? Thank you Darrin Moore and Ray Setter, who not only cooked for us, but also did all the KP duty so we could concentrate on our classes. It occurred to us what a marvelous coincidence it was that these two world-class chefs just happened to accompany the two lovely ladies from the General Church Women’s Council, Melody Moore and Leith Setter. These multi-talented ladies, who had come to give the video presentations, whole-heartedly participated in all of our weekend activities. They fit in so well that we unofficially adopted them into the South Central District women’s group. They, too, are very elect ladies for Christ.

Sunday morning, we joined the Blackgum Branch for church services. Coral Rogers led the Sunday School hour with a discussion based on the editorial in the May/June/July/August 2018 issue of The Hastening Times given by President Frederick N. Larsen. His inspiring thoughts on these last days caused an urgency and excitement that spread like wildfire throughout the class. It quickly became obvious our Sunday School discussion could no longer be contained in this one class. It was recommended that the district meet again on a weekend to put our ideas and suggestions to work. The time for preparation is over—the time for action is now!

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