South Central States (Oklahoma) Reunion 2016

South Central States (Oklahoma) Reunion

Jul/Aug/Sep 2016

The 2016 South Central States Reunion was held at Northeastern Oklahoma (NEO) A&M College again this year. We had a slightly smaller group this year, consisting of thirty-five Saints who were there all week, and six Saints who came and went as their schedules allowed.

We checked in on Saturday night. However, the people running the dorm in which we were staying had not received the memo that we were coming and had turned off the air conditioner for the weekend. We had a warm stay until Monday, but everyone made the best of it and got along fine. Walmart did sell a few fans that weekend.

We desired to prepare to receive the Holy Spirit in our prayer services to a greater intensity, and this motivated the Saints to come closer to their Lord. Accordingly, about thirty minutes before the services started, we had men of the priesthood take turns standing in the corners of our meeting room and pray for our service. The Saints came into the room very quietly and found their seats as they prepared for our prayer service. Many times there were Saints with tears in their eyes as the Holy Spirit moved upon them while they were giving their testimonies.

High Priest Elbert Rogers from the Sperry, Oklahoma Branch taught the first adult class and expanded on the commandments of Jesus Christ in the Scriptures. Apostle Don Burnett from First Branch in Independence, Missouri, taught the second class and discussed “The Parable of the Olive Tree” in the 3rd chapter of Jacob in The Book of Mormon. Both classes initiated a lot of good discussion and provided food for thought.

We had sharing sessions in the afternoon which moved us to laughter many times and a few tears of joy as we shared in our concerns for each other. On Tuesday and Thursday afternoon we had classes with Bishop Ben Galbraith on the importance of being fully dedicated to service unto our Lord by being tireless workers in His Church, The Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Our preaching services were moving and filled us with a greater desire to become better servants of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Those who came to the reunion in the evenings would come over early enough to have supper with us and visit for a while before the evening preaching services. They enjoyed the company of the Saints, and looked forward to participating in the song services, but said the highlight of the evenings was the inspired sermons by those who gave the evening messages.

After the services, we moved the dorm chairs and sofas into a large square and shared the snacks we each had in our rooms as we told stories and reminisced about life in general.

The mood of the group of Saints at the reunion this year was very upbeat. It was a little bit of a walk from the dorm rooms to the dining hall, but we had the use of a golf cart for those who didn’t enjoy the stroll along the sidewalks, watching the birds fly by and the squirrels run to and fro. Some people said it was a good way to get in a little exercise and was a welcome change from all the sitting in the services and classes.  As we moved between mealtimes, walking to and from the dorm and the dining hall/ meeting hall, and just sitting indoors trying to stay out of the heat, we had a wonderful time in fellowship and fun.