Vacation Church School 2016

Vacation Church School

Jul/Aug/Sep 2016

“We are… (clap, clap) Kingdom Builders! (clap, clap)”

Vacation Church School (VCS) was held July 11th -14th at the Gathering Place facilities. Lots of dedication and preparation on the part of the staff made this year’s VCS successful! Sixty-seven preschool through 8th graders came together to learn about our job as “Kingdom Builders.” The lessons were supplemented with a construction or Lego theme. Our week’s scripture came from Matthew 6:38:

“Wherefore, seek not the things of this world but seek ye first to build up the kingdom of God, and to establish his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.”

We were also blessed to have many talented youth helpers in various roles. Many thanks to our youth for offering up a week of their summer to be mentors for our young ones.

Each day our activities began in the Fellowship Hall singing campfire songs led by Sarah Bass and Keilah Zahner. We then all gathered into the Worship Center to have our morning message given by Apostle Don Burnett. Our day varied by grade, but all included a time for music, recreational games, crafts, snacks, and class time.

Our playtime through music, recreation, and crafts supplemented our daily themes. In music class, Linda Burnett, Wyatt Fears, and Keilah Zahner worked up a wonderful choir of children singing songs of dedication and praise to God. The children learned a special song composed by Wyatt Fears called “We are Kingdom Builders.” Ardyce Nordeen taught various scriptures sung to a familiar tune. Don’t forget to check out their performance on the July 14th Livestream through the Church’s website!

Alisa Friedrich and Andrew VunCannon led our youth in fun games following the week’s themes. In crafts, Mandy Erickson and helpers Beckie Hogan, Brianna Martens, Jeremy Baugh, Tiffany Collins, and Lindsey Collins helped the youth in making awesome craft projects. The youth decorated their own “brick” for our Zion building, made Lego bracelets, and created sand-art buildings. Our yummy snacks were prepared by Carol Gauld, Jimmie Townsend, Beverly Garfield, Scott Garfield, Alice Smith, Mayli Johnston, and Grace Hart.

During class time, the youth discussed how to build up the Kingdom of God. Our lessons included “The Parable of the Wise & Foolish Builder,” “God As Our Creator,” “The Kirtland Temple,” “The Parable of the Merchant and Great Pearl,” and “The Kingdom of God.” Each scripture lesson included the importance of why we need to follow directions, work together, and have perseverance, empathy, and integrity. Our wonderful teachers and support staff for the week were: Marci Damon, Katelyn Purvis, Cristin Buttery, Allie Purvis, Tisha Argotsinger, Sarah Bass, BJ Thompson, Esther Paris, Linda Gussman, Megan Romer, Pat Walsh, Emily Kreutner, Marylyn Gosling, Austin Purvis, David Tims, Kay Van Fleet, Suzi Keleher, Tiffany Terry, and Molly Moore.

A skit and closing prayer concluded our day. The skits portraying a real life building scenario of a playground were written by Ardyce Nordeen and performed by Don Burnett, Andrew VunCannon, Piper Erickson, and Jared Martens.

On Thursday, we concluded the VCS week by “building Zion” with our decorated bricks. Each painted and decorated box showed the personalities of the children and was an example of how we all can “fit” together to build something great.

Our task to build up Zion on this Earth may seem daunting at times, but we know that the Lord will help us all find a way to become His “Kingdom Builders.” Many thanks to the teachers and staff who worked tirelessly to build a wonderful VCS week for our youth!