What Is Your Perspective?

Sister Kathleen Haley

There was a story that I heard a long while ago that I’d like to relate to you. There was a King in a small country that wanted an “officialartist.” He sent out a decree that requested all the artists in the country to submit a picture to him so that he could choose an artist for that position from the paintings. On the day appointed, his collection committee went throughout the country to collect the entries. When they knocked on the door of one artist and asked for his entry, he did not have one. (Apparently there was a penalty for not entering one.) The artist then took a blank canvas and a paint brush, drew a perfect circle, and handed the canvas to the waiting committee. That was his entry.

When all the art work had been collected and displayed for the King to judge, he chose the perfect circle. He said that that particular artist had a “perfect perspective.” It is hard to draw a perfect circle without measuring it.

I have some questions for you to think about. How is your perspective? Do you have a good eye? Can you see things for what they are instead of what they seem to be? Are you living a well balanced life or is your circle a little off balance? Is your worldly life and your spiritual life in perfect balance? Are you in perfect balance with the Lord?

Do you cling to the worldly treasures because they are here and now? Are you storing up treasures for this life or are you storing up treasures in heaven as well? Remember, you can’t take these earthly treasures with you. How many treasures have you stored up to see you through eternity? Are you giving your all for the work of the kingdom? Could you do more for the Lord?

God has given each one of us our agency with the desire that we will choose to serve Him. Are you doing that? Each one of us needs to take inventory of our life and make sure that we are serving the Lord to the best of our ability. We need to take stock of our lives and give back to God what is due Him, and always remember to say, “THANK YOU LORD, I LOVE YOU.”

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