A Testimony of Faith by Henry H. Goldman

A Testimony of Faith

By Henry H. Goldman

It was early this year (2014) when my physician asked me to have a chest x-ray during my annual visit.  He called a few days later to say that something did not look right on the x-ray, and that he was going to ask a radiologist to evaluate the film.  That led to a series of tests, including CAT scans, an MRI, and PET scans.  Each of them indicated two tumors on my left lung and a much smaller one on the right lung.  After several consultations, I was deemed to be a candidate for a procedure called “cyber-knife,” a very concentrated radiation treatment.


I had requested priesthood administrations before each of the scans and prior to the cyber knife treatment.  Each time, the ministers asked the Lord that the Holy Spirit to be with me during the procedure.  I was confident that everything would go well and that the radiation would “kill” the tumors.

The cyber knife procedure was lengthy and exceptionally boring.  The first seven treatments were each two hours in length; the last two were each four plus hours.  I was strapped to a narrow table wearing a metal vest, hands and arms tied down and not permitted to doze.  Each time, the Lord let me know that things were going well.  I felt great, had no aftereffects, and maintained a positive outlook.

The final session was held in late may.  During the procedure, I felt someone holding my right hand.  I could feel texture, finger nails, and a strong grip.  There was no one in the room with me; it had to be the Holy Spirit letting me know that I was not alone.  I was advised that another CAT scan would be conducted in three months’ time to see if the tumors were still there.  That was completed in late August, and a final consultation with the doctor was held two days later.

The two large tumors had shrunk in size and pulled off the lung wall so that any lymph node concerns were now nil.  The smaller tumor had nearly vanished, the prognosis is wonderful.  I’ll see the doctor again in November, just as a follow-up.

I attribute the success of the treatment to be the result of constant prayer and administration.  I know that He was looking after me.  My health is great, my stamina strong, and I can continue teaching and serving the Church and the Lord.

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