Ambassadors for Zion

Live With the Lord

By Marci Damon


October, November, December 2015


What do you think of when you hear the word, Zion? Do you think, “That is God’s home?” Or do you think, “That is something that will happen a long time from now?” Perhaps you ask, “What is Zion?” Well, Zion is where Jesus will live when he comes to live on earth. Zion will be his home here. What do you think the home of Jesus will be like? The Scriptures have given us a few clues of what Zion will be like: a place of safety, a place of peace, a place of beauty, and a place of love.

Does this sound like a place where you would like to live? God and Jesus desperately hope that you want to live with them in the reality of Zion. They have invited you to their home, but are you ready to live there? God and Jesus want us to live with them, but in order to do that, you are going to have to follow their rules. Have you ever gone to a friend’s house and had to follow their parents’  rules? What did that feel like? Were you comfortable in their home or were you uncomfortable?

When I was young, I had a friend who invited me to stay at her home for the weekend. I was so excited to go to her house, but once I got there I wasn’t so happy. Their rules were different than what I was used to. I was use to picking up things and putting them away, but this family just left things scattered all over. Every time we went to play a game, we would always be missing some part of the game, so we couldn’t play it. They also ate different food than I was used to, and they did not pray over their food. I was very uncomfortable in my friend’s home and was so glad to get back to what I was used to, my home. Are you and I going to be comfortable in God and Jesus’ home? Are we going to find their home, Zion, familiar and comfortable, or will it be a strange place to us? God does not want us to be uncomfortable in His home, but He is not going to change His rules. How are we going to make ourselves ready for Zion so that we will be used to His rules and comfortable in His home?

We are going to have to start practicing keeping His rules now. My mother taught me from a young age to pick up my things so that they wouldn’t get broken or lost. I started picking up my toys, stuffed animals, clothes, and other stuff when I was little. By the time I got older, I didn’t have to think about picking up my stuff, I just did it. That is what God wants us to do;  practice His commandments until we do them without thinking about what we are doing. What are God’s commandments? The two most important are to love Him and treat our neighbors like we want to be treated. If we love God we are going to be praying, studying His word, and attendng Church activities. If we love God and our neighbors, we are going to be kind, patient, and helpful.

We do not have much time to wait to practice God’s rules, because Zion is coming! The youth were told a few years ago, by God at a camp, that they did not have time to get involved with the world and forget about God (not practice His commandments), because Zion is coming soon. God will not make us live with Him in Zion, but he has invited us to be with Him and His Son and hopes that we will want to live in Zion.

I do not want to disappoint God and Jesus because I am not ready to live with them, and I do not want you to miss living in Zion either. I hope and pray that you will prepare to live in Zion, and that you will help me also to prepare to be in Zion. God and Jesus are inviting you to the most wonderful place you can imagine – their home! Are you ready? Do you want to be there? Are you willing to start practicing His commandments now? God and Jesus are waiting. What is your answer?

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