Bishop’s Corner


by Bishop Andrew Romer

Vol. 18 Number 1 Issue 70 Jan/Feb/Mar 2017

The Order of Bishops is excited to share with the saints the topics covered at the Aaronic Priesthood Assembly which took place February 23rd through the 25th. The work of the Aaronic priesthood is vital to the preparation of the saints in these last days, and a significant effort was made by the leaders of the Aaronic Quorums, in concert with the Order of Bishops, to plan a retreat that was uplifting, insightful, and, we hope, memorable. We had opportunity to worship, fellowship, study, and ultimately dedicate ourselves to furthering this great work we arecalled to do. We ask the saints to continually share their encouraging words with the men, as well as offer your sincere prayers on their behalf, as they continue to learn how to better serve God’s people.

“Attend to thy calling and thou shalt have wherewith to magnify thine office, and to expound all Scriptures.” D&C 23:4d

Quorum Workshop Sessions


1. An examination of the deacon’s responsibility to invite all to come unto Christ. This interactive session included discussion related to ways the deacons can create meaningful      relationships in the everyday lives of the saints.

2. We in the Aaronic Priesthood have the opportunity to play a significant role in encouraging the consecration of the saints by visiting our saints on a regular basis and demonstrating the principles of the financial law and good steward ship.


1. Blessed are the peacemakers. This session focused on practical conflict resolution skills that we hope will give the men the tools they need to help each member reconcile, one with another, so that we may be of one heart and one mind.

2. Teaching the principles of the gospel to the saints is necessary so that they may have the law written in their hearts. This session explored how the teachers can bring the principles of the gospel into the homes of the saints.


1. This session explored how the priest’s ministry in the tabernacle in the days of old influences their ministry to the saints today.

2. Visiting in the home of every member is a primary duty of the priest. This session focused on how the priests can bring meaningful and transformational ministry into the homes of the saints.

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