By President Frederick N. Larsen

Volume 19, Number 1, Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr 2018, Issue No. 74

Because of the decision to convene our General Conference every two years, this year’s conference will attempt to cover an enlarged agenda. We believe that the longer interval will give us time to prepare more meaningful agendas in the future. Of course, in the alternating years we will still convene our Priesthood Assembly and Women’s Retreat. It is notable that this year we have Resurrection Sunday (Easter) for the opening day of our Conference, as well as our traditional communion service. What a marvelous beginning this will be for our gathering of the saints.


Our enlarged agenda will allow for more preaching services. The President’s message this time will be on the first day of our meeting rather than the last. The planned preaching schedule for Sunday, April 1st, through Friday, April 6th, is as follows:

    President Frederick N. Larsen – “Led by Revelation,” Presiding Bishop and Aaronic High Priest W. Kevin Romer – “In the World, but Not of It,” Apostle Donald W.               Burnett – “One in Christ,” President James A. Vun Cannon – “Behold, the Rod of Iron,” Seventy William B. Baker – “What Must I Do,” and Presiding Patriarch Carl W.         VunCannon, Jr., – “Let Us Go On to Perfection.”

There will be prayer services each morning, Monday through Friday. Three business sessions are scheduled to consider an inspired document, the church budget, several resolutions, and any other business to come before the body of saints. The women will have their traditional reception as well as a study class.

Of particular interest, are presentations which will be given during three of the morning sessions by the First Presidency and Presiding Bishop on the One Endeavor program covering those basic topics of “What is the Kingdom?”, “Fundamentals of the Fullness of the Gospel,” and “Vision to the Kingdom.”

Of special interest will be scheduled tours of the Bountiful Community and the new Visitor’s Center at Headquarters. General Conference will conclude on Saturday morning with a special service by the youth of the Church and a dedication service to seal our commitment to share the good news of the gospel and our desire to build the Lord’s kingdom.

All in all, we look forward with blessed anticipation to bring together those marvelous bonds of fellowship so
important in keeping unity within the body of Christ, known among men as the Remnant Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints. See you there.


Frederick N. Larsen,
For the First Presidency

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