Iowa Reunion


We once again met on that beautiful hill at Guthrie Center Reunion Grounds and the Lord did indeed meet us there. We were blessed by the preached word, by outstanding teaching, by worshipping together, by our combined singing, and by the association of those who believed as we do, in the coming forth of the Kingdom of God on earth. What a blessing it was to taste of this small portion of Zionic living.

The theme for the week was “The Call of Christ.” The adult class was taught by using the resource material written by Apostle Arthur Oakman, “The Call of Christ in an Age of Dilemma.” An afternoon class was also available and very well attended.

The Lord spoke to us and this is part of what His counsel contained: “I love you and continue to love you and call upon you to love one another as I love you. These words are to take root in your lives. They cannot be idle words. As I looked into your hearts I find there a hesitation to love as I love you. My Father and I have looked upon you this week and see the beauty in your eyes and see a love which needs to be expanded and needs to be shared to bring people into my Kingdom. For this to be, there needs to be a discipline that will allow you to make your lives sacred. You need to find ways to discipline your lives that your lives may become sacred and holy before me.”

The Iowa Reunion was a success in whatever arena you wish to place it. A group of people met for the singular reason of coming closer to their God. We were certainly blessed with the Spirit of our Lord and Savior.

— Apostle Gary Argotsinger