Junior High Camp


From June 7 through the 14 Junior High age children gathered at Blackgum, Oklahoma to learn about Jesus and to enjoy fellowship. We gathered with the theme of “Mission Possible: Eternal Life,” sharing in classes, crafts, activities and food. The week began with twenty-two children, fourteen boys and eight girls, and ended with twenty children. Two of the boys had to leave to participate in school sports camps. To make sure we met the requirements of child protection we had four sets of adult counselors: David Patrick, Dustyn Westbay, Darrin Moore, Jared Hoover for the boys and Dani Patrick, Taylor Foreman, Melody Moore and Katelyn Mercer for the girls. Darlene Collins and Betty Williams provided the wonderful food for the camp with Christy Williams covering any of the medical needs as Camp Nurse. Fred Williams provide the spiritual guidance as the camp patriarch. Each staff member also helped with classes, activities and/or crafts.

We invited six senior high youth to learn leadership skills by being CIT’s: Samantha Holt, Molly Moore and Tessa Woods for the girls; Eli Woods, Michael Durrant and Josh Madding for the boys. The CIT’s led the morning flag raising/devotions and provided leadership in recreation time.

As for any camp that is a success, it is all the work of the many staff members that make it possible. The week started off with the camp staff providing the Sunday morning service for the Blackgum Branch. David Patrick and his daughter, Julia, provided special music along with Kate Mercer and Molly Moore. Darrin Moore brought the spoken word that morning. Fred Williams and Dustyn Westbay provided classes on the camp’s weekly theme. Dani Patrick covered the crafts. Darrin Moore and Jared Hoover provided an outdoor class on survival skills. David Patrick and Kate Mercer showed the children how to shoot arrows with a bow. Taylor Foreman led leadership/team building activities throughout the week. Melody Moore, with help from Christy Williams, put together the week’s log for the children to remember all the fun. Thank you again, staff, for all the work to bring ministry to the children.

—Corwyn Mercer, Junior High Camp Director