Sunday Morning Routine


My Sunday mornings usually start out the same: up early, get ready for church, leave the house about 7:45 a.m., stop and get a coffee and sometimes breakfast, and head for a park near our home. I’ll sit there in the quiet of the morning and listen to the birds singing, watch people walking their dogs, enjoy the squirrels playing in the grass, and listen to a Canadian radio station that plays hymns for a couple of hours. This is the time that I can restudy my Sunday school lesson. The peace and quiet of the day seeps into my mind and I begin my walk with God.

When I entered the park this particular morning, the air was slightly hazy. The distant trees were not as distinct as they normally are. I didn’t think much of it and began my usual morning routine. I did a little reading and then looked out to see what was going on. The mist seemed to be getting a little thicker. The distant trees were now much fainter than before. Oh well, that didn’t particularly bother me, so I went back to my reading. A dog who was tugging his master along barked, and again I looked up. To my amazement, I could hardly make out the trees that were close to the car. The morning fog had quietly and softly crept in to cover everything. As I watched, as quickly as it had come in, the fog began to dissipate as the sunrise started to break through the clouds. It really was a beautiful sight to behold.

Thoughts then started to flood my brain. Was this the way of the world? Was the fog like the evil of this world? It starts out small and we don’t really notice it or think much about it. Maybe it will go away on its own. But it doesn’t. It only gets thicker and eventually covers and obliterates everything. It is only when the SON begins to break through does the wickedness of this world recede. The SON brings with Him the bright beautiful clear skies. The fair weather clouds that are high and fluffy also float into view. They bring with them the promise of a beautiful and wonderful tomorrow.

It amazes me how God has given us clues, in our everyday life, of the future which He has promised to us. We are just too busy with the problems of each day to see those hints. If we remain faithful and fully trust in Him, the misty problems of this world will float on by us and we will be able to see the Son arriving from the east like a beautiful sunrise.

Thank you, Lord, for these great promises. It gives us hope for a bright tomorrow and a treasured future to live in your presence in Zion.

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