Vacation Church School


With 75 to 80 children in attendance, the Center Place Vacation Church School was a busy place from July 14-17. The theme was “Stepping Stones to Zion.” We centered our thoughts on the Jaredites from the

Book of Mormon, from the time of the tower to the promised land. There were nearly 35 adult staff, youth helpers, kitchen volunteers, and nursery supervisors. Sister Beckie Hogan, the director of the VCS, indicated that of the 74 children enrolled, 34 were from families related to the Remnant Church in some capacity. The remaining 40 children came from homes which were not directly connected to the Remnant Church, making this one of our largest outreach ministries within the Church.

The children marched into the sanctuary singing “Stepping Stones to Zion” and then gathered in the sanctuary for morning worship.

During class time, they heard the story for the day, memorized scripture verses, and had enrichment activities. The topics for the days were printed on the stepping stones to Zion….prayer, obey, faith, love. The stories included the confounding of language, journeying in the wilderness, the glowing stones, and the journey to the land of promise. A beautiful worship setting provided visual reinforcement.

After snacks the groups went to recreation, music, and crafts. We ended the day with a short drama that re-enacted the story for the day. A program on Thursday evening was the culmination of a wonderful, spirit filled week.

Everyone involved gave a great effort with lots of enthusiasm. The Lord provided beautiful weather. We are already looking forward to next July!!!!!