General Conference Report and Resolutions

General Conference Report
Conference Summary

by President James A. Vun Cannon

Volume 19, Number 2 May/Jun/Jul/Aug 2018 Issue No. 75

This year’s conference was an exciting and historic event. Each day was filled with activities for the saints to see and experience. The conference started with a lovely communion service followed by a Resurrection Sunday service. That evening, President Frederick N. Larsen gave a powerful address to the saints titled “Led by Revelation.” Each evening was filled with further worship opportunities: Bishop Kevin Romer shared “In the World But Not of It,” Apostle Don Burnett spoke on “One in Christ,” President James Vun Cannon proclaimed “Behold the Rod of Iron,” Seventy William Baker answered the question “What Must I (We) Do?”,
and Patriarch Carl VunCannon, Jr., declared “Let Us Go On to Perfection.” A dedication service was held the last Saturday. All of these sermons are on our web site, and we encourage you to view them if you missed the chance to participate in the services.

On Tuesday of conference, there were tours of the new, partially completed Visitors Center at the Remnant Church Headquarters and a viewing of the church’s first movie. Then, on Wednesday, the saints had the opportunity to tour Bountiful and see the newly constructed church building.

During Wednesday’s business session, two resolutions were passed: RGCR-1085, “Tithing Statement Due Date and Stewardship Sunday,” and RGCR-1086, “Priesthood Must Consecrate and Tithe.”

During Friday’s business session, an inspired document was brought before the conference and voted on as the mind and will of God, to be placed in the Doctrine and Covenants as R-164. After the business session there was a wonderful spirit in the ordination service where William Baker was set apart as a President of Seventy.

Adopted Resolutions

RGCR-1085: Tithing Staement Due Date and Stewardship Sunday

Adopted April 4, 2018

Whereas it was the tradition of the church to have Stewardship Sunday on the second Sunday of March;

Whereas the blessing to the saints is great when they are obedient to the law of tithing which is a holy accounting unto God;

Whereas with the desire to have our hearts focused on the first fruits of our labor as a sacrifice unto God, making an accounting takes prayerful thought and preparation (e.g., thinking of other ways that one can provide more tithe and finding joy in the ability to bless others in God’s name with a little more of our first fruits); and

Whereas Stewardship Sunday will help implement the temporal affairs, “Counsel given in previous revelation, including Sections 128, 129, and R-148 of the Doctrine and Covenants, is sound law authorizing the Bishopric to implement the temporal affairs of the church, including tithing, offerings, consecration, and surplus. To that end, let the Bishopric with the temporal law and the First Presidency with the spiritual law come together under the celestial law, such consummation making the secular become sacred and culminating in the attainment of the kingdom of God on earth” (R152:4); now therefore, be it


1. that when setting the calendar for each new year, the General Church will designate the third or fourth Sunday of March as Stewardship Sunday. The church should encourage the saints through classes, sermons, and home visitations to have their tithing statements turned in by that date; and

2. that on Stewardship Sunday presiders and speakers are encouraged to focus the worship service on the importance of good stewardship with an emphasis
on tithing, filing tithing statements, and the law of consecration.

RGCR-1086: Priesthood Must Consecrate and Tithe

Adopted April 4, 2018

Whereas consecration is a requirement in the theocratic law of the church which is essential for all members of the church, including new calls to priesthood;

Whereas the priesthood are to be the teachers of the law provided in the Bible, Book of Mormon, and Doctrine and Covenants, and it is impossible for the priesthood to be teachers of this law and an ensample if they themselves do not follow the law given by God;

Whereas the Doctrine and Covenants states in Section 106:1a-2b, “Verily, thus saith the Lord, I require all their surplus property to be put into the hands of the
bishop of my church of Zion, for the building of mine house, and for the laying the foundation of Zion, and for the priesthood, and for the debts of the presidency of my church; and this shall be the beginning of the tithing of my people; and after that, those who have thus been tithed, shall pay one tenth of all their interest annually; and this shall be a standing law unto them forever, for my holy priesthood, saith the Lord. Verily I say unto you, It shall come to pass that all those who gather unto the land of Zion shall be tithed of their surplus properties, and shall observe this law, or they shall not be found worthy to abide among you. And I say unto you, If my people observe not this law, to keep it holy, and by this law sanctify the land of Zion unto me, that my statutes and my judgments maybe kept thereon, that it may be most holy,”;

Whereas in April 2005 prophetic revelation Doctrine and Covenants R-149:2 states, “The execution of the law of consecration and adherence to the celestial law will continue to bring blessings and good fruit to my cause.”;

Whereas Doctrine & Covenants Section 70:2b-3b states, “nevertheless, inasmuch as they receive more than is needful for their necessities and their wants, it shall be given into my storehouse, and the benefits shall be consecrated unto the inhabitants of Zion and unto their generations, inasmuch as they become heirs according to the laws of the kingdom. Behold, this is what the Lord requires of every man in his stewardship, even as I, the Lord, have appointed, or shall hereafter appoint unto any man. And behold, none are exempt from this law who belong to the church of the living God.”;

Whereas in October 2005, by prophetic revelation, the Lord revealed consecration is a requirement for gathering: “According to law already given, adherence to the law of consecration is required alike of all those who gather. The Bishopric are commended for their implementation of the consecration of my people thus far and should continue pressing for compliance by all those who will participate. Many in times past have come to the ‘Center Place’ as a commitment to ‘gather’ and, as such, should be considered so. They occupy a place in Zion. However, since ‘laying all things before the bishop’ is a requirement of the gathering and consecration, compliance with that law is required” (D&C R-150:5b-c);

Whereas in October 2006 obedience to consecration is a requirement of Doctrine and Covenants R-151:5a: “Harmony and charity must prevail among all of
those now called under the name of my Remnant Church. Further obedience to the celestial law and the law of consecration is a necessary requirement for the preparation of the Bride.”;

Whereas in April 2008 Doctrine and Covenants R-152:4
stated, “I, the Lord, am well pleased with the Presiding Bishopric and the Order of Bishops in the execution of the temporal law of the church. Counsel given in previous revelation, including Sections 128, 129, and R-148 of the Doctrine and Covenants is sound law authorizing the Bishopric to implement the temporal affairs of the church, including tithing, offerings, consecration, and surplus. To that end, let the Bishopric with the temporal law and the First Presidency with the spiritual law come together under the celestial law, such consummation making the secular become sacred and culminating in the
attainment of the kingdom of God on earth.”;

Whereas the blessings of heaven are great that await all who are obedient, and Zion cannot flourish without a consecrated priesthood and people; and

Whereas we are counseled in Doctrine and Covenants 94:3b, “behold, this is the tithing and sacrifice which I, the Lord, require at their hands,” and, as it has been stated previously in Doctrine and Covenants 106:1b, “…this shall be a standing law unto them for ever, for my holy priesthood, saith the Lord.” Further, we are commanded in Doctrine and Covenants R-150:5b, “According to law already given, adherence to the law of consecration is required alike of all those who gather.”; now, therefore, be it


1. that all new calls to the priesthood must conform to the laws of tithing and consecration before the call is confirmed effective January 1, 2018;

2. that the Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints require all new calls to priesthood, prior to ordination, receive teaching of the financial law
as it relates to consecration and tithing;

3. that the Bishopric is to create/commission curriculum for priesthood to be provided to branch, quorum, order, and district presidents or other general authorities; and

4. that all priesthood of the Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are required to consecrate and give an annual accounting of tithing.

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